On screen and behind the scenes: the two lives of Soviet actress Maya Bulgakova

Actress of theatre and cinema, people’s artist of the RSFSR Maya Bulgakov | Photo: kino-teatr.net19 may would have turned 85 years of the Soviet theatre and cinema actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR Maya Bulgakova, but 23 years ago she died in a car accident. The audience who know her for films like «Wings», «Egor Bulychev and others», «the adventures of electronics», «Gypsy», «Farewell of Slav», do not even suspect that in life the actress was a real femme fatale – in fact on screen, her role was completely different…Maya Bulgakova with foreign actress, 1961 | Photo: vokrug.tvМайя Bulgakov was born in 1932 in Ukraine, in the village of Buky, Kyiv region. When the Great Patriotic war, the children’s mother went to the evacuation in Irkutsk, where Maya had to take care of younger brother and sister. Later, she recalled: «And maybe if it wasn’t so difficult, then, have not learned to fight for his place today and every day to prove that you are not behind, not lost the sensation of time that you have the right people to say about your attitude.»Maya Bulgakov | Photo: vokrug.tvС childhood Maya sang well, she often performed in front of wounded in the hospital. The audience was assured that her future singer. But another passion was the movies: when the mother worked in the cinema, children several times a day watching movies. To do so Maya decided on acting VGIK.Maya Bulgakova, 1957 | Photo: kino-teatr.gicec about the talented actress about her first began when after graduating from VGIK, she starred in the film «Outlaws». In parallel, the Maya were engaged in singing and performed with the orchestra Utesova. She even got the Silver prize at the world festival of youth and students in 1957, Bulgakov became the first Soviet dancers, who included in his repertoire songs of Edith Piaf.Frame from the movie *knight’s Move*, 1962 | Photo: kino-teatr.giv the 1960s, she starred quite a lot and usually, she got the role of single women with unsettled fate, although outside the set she didn’t know what loneliness is. Although the Maya did not meet traditional standards of beauty, men she conquered at first sight. Her classmate Tatiana Konyukhov said that they flew like the Mayans were smeared with honey.Maya Bulgakov | Photo: kino-teatr.ruActress of theatre and cinema, people’s artist of the RSFSR Maya Bulgakov | Photo: kino-teatr.hisama herself ugly she did not think since then, I heard the words of the Chairman of the admissions Committee at the Institute of Cinematography that she has an unusual face, and the audience, such is not forgotten. «A few nights I closely examined myself in the mirror. Smiled, frowned, turned in a half turn, raised an eyebrow. And finally understand: I am beautiful! It is only necessary to give the face the correct expression – and the image is ready,» recalled the actress.Maya Bulgakova in movie *Wings*, 1966 | Photo: kino-teatr.ruMaya Bulgakova in movie *Wings*, 1966 | Photo: vokrug.tvНа the second course, Bulgakov married the student of the faculty of carrier Anatoly Nitochkin and gave birth to a daughter Zinaida. But to engage in household chores and upbringing of the child in her didn’t – she was focusing on his film career. Therefore, 4-month-old daughter gave her mother. Zina returned to her mother in 12 years. Nitochkina the marriage soon fell apart – friends of the family said he was so shocked by the act of the spouses that a long time was afraid to bond with other women. Frame from the movie *the adventures of electronics*, 1979 | Photo: kino-teatr.netВторым husband Bulgakova was a young Director Aleksey Gabrilovich. They were married just two months after meeting. But this marriage did not last long. After the divorce, Gabrilovich repeatedly tied the knot, but continued to be jealous of his ex-wife to her fans and seem to them as «the main Mycin husband.»Maya Bulgakova in movie *the Investigation leading Experts. Case No. 22. Mafia*, 1971 | Photo: kino-teatr.ruframe from the movie *Autumn story*, 1979 | Photo: kino-teatr.hikogda they got divorced, Maya was pregnant, but that didn’t stop her new Beau – the son of the Director of «Mosfilm» Surina Alexander to propose to her. He belonged to a newborn daughter, Masha, as a father, was walking with her when Bulgakov was filming, and explained to friends: «And Mayechka. She dreams of becoming famous.» Due to this, the actress got the lead role in the movie «Wings» that made her famous. She loved to repeat: «beloved Betray, betray children, but work will never betray».Maya Bulgakova in movie *Gypsy*, 1979 | Photo: kino-teatr.risposta a year and a half, the actress has gone from Surin and went back to Gabrilovich, but after a year they broke up again. Bulgakov’s conquered not one man’s heart. When she was 40 years old, fell in love with her 26-year-old English choreographer Richard Collins. She refused to marry him and move to London, but he still could not forget her and wrote letters.Actress of theatre and cinema, people’s artist of the RSFSR Maya Bulgakov | Photo: kino-teatr.netВ 46 years, Bulgakov got married again – for the 41-year-old Austrian businessman Peter Dobias. He arrived in Moscow for a few days on business, but after meeting with the actress returned to Vienna, his wife had divorced and sold the business. They lived together until the summer of 1994, when Peter did not. Maya is longing for him and had a premonition of his imminent departure. In October of the same year, the car was an actress, crashed into a pole. All the passengers, but she survived. She was 62 years old.Maya Bulgakov | Photo: kino-teatr.Giacomini women are often called artists, distant from the traditional canons of beauty. Femme Fatales: famous women of the first half of the twentieth century
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