Optina is one of the most sacred places, visited with the Council Dostoevsky and Tolstoy

Presentation of the stauropegial monastery of the Optina Hermitage in Kozelsk, Kaluga region/ Photo: palomnik.byВ it is passing or accidentally. The location of this monastery does not allow travel of spontaneity: it is located away from big roads with centuries-old pine forest on the Bank of the river Zhizdra a few kilometers from Kozelsk. Knowledgeable people are sure that having visited Optina, one of the most revered and sacred places of Orthodox Russia, leaving a completely different person.Optina — monastery, located in the Kaluga region. Deserts in the old days was called the place of solitary monastic settlements. And Optina — on behalf of the Wholesale robber who repented and accepted tonsure with the name Makarii. So of the leaders of the robbers, he became the father of monks and founder of the new monastery.

Ambrose — elder of Optina third

St. Ambrose Of Optina.The most famous account was the third of the Optina elder Ambrose. He was canonized in 1988, was the first of the Optina elders. St. Ambrose, in the world Alexander Egorenkov freely read and spoke 5 different languages and had a phenomenal memory. Since childhood, was a gifted, budding boy. In 12 years entered the Seminary. In the last class was seriously ill and made a vow to God – if you get well, to become a monk. For his service, chose to Optina Pustyn. The doctor is a Lutheran, who for many years treated the man, said that his condition is such that to live medically it remains no more than an hour. In consequence of this the doctor accepted Orthodoxy. Ambrose could talk to each in his language: to help illiterate peasant girl, to give advice to wealthy landowner, and to answer questions by Fyodor Dostoevsky.Dostoevsky came to the monastery after the tragic events of his life — after the death of his son Alyosha in 1877. He couldn’t find the answer to the question — how and why such a small, cherubic child was taken from this life. He was brought to Optina Pustyn to the elder Ambrose, he talked with him and walked out a completely different, new person. Fyodor Dostoyevsky lived in a monastery for very long, but it was enough to experience the trip was included in «the Brothers Karamazov». The prototype of the elder Zosima was precisely the elder Ambrose.In the room for the reception of distinguished visitors Leo Tolstoy visited 6 times. The first was in 1877. The conversation was so heavy that the old man was completely exhausted and said, «Extremely proud.» Tolstoy was dressed like a man, to avoid being recognized, it was officially – and always the door was open. There is evidence that before the death of Leo, too, came to Optina Pustyn, but to go to the monastery and decided not to. Optina./ Photo: elitsy.ru Optina, ruined by the Bolsheviks. Scary to think about, but on the graves of the elders was a dance floor, and in the monastery — sanatorium. Deserts again revived in 1988. Looking at the ruins of the monastery, his recovery did not believe even the mayor of the city, although he took an active part in the reconstruction of the monastery. But Hermitage were built quickly, as if some invisible force was helping the monks.

The light from Optina

Optina: the light from Optina./ Photo: palomnik.byНа Divine Providence indicates that a bright column of light on the ruins of the monastery were visible even from space. He was noticed and photographed the astronauts, and then increased the and gave Optina.

Red Easter

Optina: the chapel of the Resurrection./ Photo: hram-predtecha.Gino and after a complete renovation the cloister has not found peace of mind. April 18, 1993 was committed a terrible crime: right on Easter night killed three of the monks, when they were carrying obedience. Found the culprit, it turned out to Nikolay Averin – recidivist schizophrenic disorders, who did not even think to escape and was arrested at his home. This crime attributed many mystical, because all witnesses to the crime (and they were many) clearly saw the falling of the monks, but could not see the attacker, and some do not know the killer. The Averin called the crime of the ritual, which he made by order of a certain mystical voice.The grave of the hieromonk Basil, monks Trofim, Ferapont, and the./ Photo: palomnik.byНа the burial place of the murdered monks Trophimus and Feropont and hieromonk Basil was laid for the chapel in memory of the terrible crime. Each Saturday, her funeral prayer. The chapel is open for visits by pilgrims.

Sacred springs

Holy spring in Optina desert./ Photo: luchmir.chromosomal territory Optina there are several sacred sources that help cope with various diseases. Only now dial the healing water with prayer and pure thoughts, otherwise it might not help.

How to get

Optina: in the summer you can walk./ Photo: palomnik.byОт Kozelsk to the Optina monastery just 3 km away. in Summer, it is possible to walk, but in winter it is better to order a taxi: taxis to the abode hardly walk.

How to stay

Optina. Testament./ Photo: hram-predtecha.gilady anyone can come to the monastery with a guided tour, but stay in it in obedience, regardless of gender. All that is necessary: the passport, the desire and the rules of the monastery. Women also take trudnice, but to become monastics of Optina, they have no chance.Optina in the summer./ Photo: palomnik.by

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