«Other»: a quarter century of absolute happiness Natalya Krachkovskaya

Natalia Krachkovskaya. / Photo: www.vip-teatre.ruУдивительно charming and vivacious actress Natalia Krachkovskaya always enjoyed great popularity among the men. But she only loved one man – her husband, Vladimir Vasilyevich. And even after his departure from life has continued to be faithful to him.

Natalia Belogortseva

Natalia Krachkovskaya in childhood. / Photo: www.vfl.ruМаленькая Natasha in childhood was an ordinary girl dreaming of becoming an actress. But her Georgian grandmother resolutely undertook to fatten a skinny granddaughter and saved her from malnutrition. However, Natasha didn’t really mind, because she always loved to eat. But how was it possible to abandon the ruddy fragrant pies and amazing grandma’s casseroles?Even gaining excess weight, Natalia had not changed the dream scene, and after school was strongly applied to VGIK. It did not frighten the competition in 256 people in one place. During the entrance exam it is so expressive read a monologue of Ivan the fool, Vladimir Belokurov immediately decided to take the course «this fool».One of the first roles in the movie. / Photo: www.pokazuha.ruОкрыленная Natalia has dreamed about roles in the movies, when the misfortune has crossed all its plans. After the girl was hit by a car, she temporarily lost vision, and with it a place in the Institute, because the doctors categorically forbade her to study and work until full recovery.Her touchingly caring in this period, the grandmother Praskovya, thanks to which Natalia Belogortseva was able to fully recover after the accident. She began working as a technician in the Institute of metallurgy, and all the free time devoted to participation in the crowd scenes or episodes on «Mosfilm». In 1962 young Natalie was invited to the shooting of the film «the Flood», where she met her true love.

Vladimir Krachkovsky

Vladimir Krachkovsky. / Photo: www.sobesednik.ruВладимир Krachkovsky was born in the family of a Professor, engineer of ways of communication Vasily Polikarpovich to accomplish. Volodya was still a teenager when arrested and then shot in 1938 of his father. Despite the fact that the house had many scientific works and works of Pope, Vladimir did not go his way, choosing for himself a career as a sound engineer. He participated in the filming of a huge number of movies. But proved to be fateful for him in 1962, when the store he saw Natalia Belogortseva.

The flood of feelings

Natalia Krachkovskaya in the film «the Flood». / Photo: www.kp.ruВ 1962 the film «the Flood» about rural life and rural lives. It was during the filming of Vladimir Krachkovsky noticed Natalia Belogortseva, which then was 22 years old. He was already 42.Vladimir immediately drew attention to chubby good-natured girl. She was always in a good mood. Perhaps that is why a lot of fans she had. But the engineer decided that he would be able to win the heart of this cute beauty.Natalia Krachkovskaya in his youth. / Photo: www.newswd.ruИ went on the road, it is not traditional. He did not give Natasha the flowers, and write notes, invite for a date. He just brought her Breakfast in bed. The girl who lived with her in one room during the shooting, woke Natasha Belogortseva and showed her the tray, on which glittered Golden delicious rolls, and is conveniently located next to fresh cheese, drizzled with sour cream. Before this magnificence Natalia to resist but could not.It wasn’t even in the rolls, and the care with which so clearly read in his act. Natalia, of course, drew attention to the modest engineer. Some special female intuition she realized that this seemingly unremarkable man will be her best ever. And every morning he brought her the fresh rolls. And promised that it always will be. At that moment a young Natasha realized that this man was hers. And she said she would marry him.

Trip to the Apple orchard

Wedding Natalia Belogortseva and Vladimir Krachkovsky. / Photo: www.fishki.netМама Natalia Belogortseva tried to explain to her daughter that the age difference of almost 20 years, a very long marriage. But Natasha knew that her love can overcome any challenge, and his concern would make her the happiest woman in the world. She saw her future life with Vladimir. She knew how he can be tender, loving, forgiving young woman’s weaknesses.They wrote, noting the event with their families. And went to the place where they met. They walked through the Apple orchard in Tarusa and dreamed about the future. In 1963 they had a son Basil, which later will go in his father’s footsteps and also become a sound engineer.

Simple women’s happiness

Natalia Krachkovskaya in the role of Madame gritsatsuyeva. / Photo: www.vokrug.tvЦелых 26 years they enjoyed the happiness. Vladimir was a very intelligent and interesting person. She always loved to hear his stories. He knew the history of Moscow, used to tell about the formation and development of the capital. And Natasha did not sleep a wink until five in the morning, unable to interrupt his story about his beloved city. Enthusiastic, talented Vladimir infected spouse in their interest. Thanks to him it became better, smarter, more self-confident. The people’s favorite. / Photo: www.readpicture.ruЗа a quarter of a century of family life he never raised his voice to the beloved Natasha. If emotional wife flashed, relentlessly uttered something, he put a simple question about lunch, and the impending quarrel quickly passed into a peaceful meal. Thanks to him, Natalia agreed to play Madame Gritsatsuyev and became a famous actress. Natalia Krachkovsky, the soul is not in causa wife, enthusiastically cooked him dinner, and enjoyed what can take care of this wonderful man. And he just every day made her happy.

«I don’t need another…»

Burgers in the movie «the maid of Rouen nicknamed Piskov 1988 heart attack claimed the life of Vladimir Krachkovsky. For Natalia Leonidovna the world lost all color. Never saw he after filming and didn’t tell their endless stories. She is very grieved at the death of a beloved spouse, she was talking to him in a dream and said to pick her up… But in reality she’s invited to roll burgers in the movie «the maid of Rouen nicknamed Doughnut». In the picture she fun danced and happily munching a huge loaf of bread. And outside the set could not hold back the tears.To the end she retained her love for her husband. / Photo: www.look-news.ruОна never married. She knew that someone like her Volodya, the world is no more. Her happiness was so short, only 26 years old. And so long – 26 years.Natalia Krachkovskaya are unable to admit anyone else into your life. Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky found the strength to move on after the death of his beloved.

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