Photo + drawing = ?

Photo + pictures and pictures and pictures sometimes make us tremble – so real we seem to be in your pictures and canvases. However, he and the other kind of art exists separately, and some manage to combine them. Let’s see how well it turned out?Photo + drawingPhoto + drawingPhoto + resonancelike, known online under the name of themanwhofellasleep, doing this not so long ago, but this famous. As written on his website, everything is very simple. He takes photos of friends or family, and some finds on the Internet, opens photoshop and begins to «conjure». Also on his website there is a description of all actions, so that anyone can learn to do the same. The author apologizes if your photo caught his eye and was turned into this picture. Photo + drawingPhoto + drawingPhoto + drawingPhoto + reconocen also States that anyone, absolutely anyone can do it, but now we see it works. So he welcomes his readers: «Perhaps these pictures illustrate the idea that we all sometimes want to remove themselves from the life and replace us with something unnatural, that just looks like us. We want to invent and impose this image on themselves, but real. Or maybe it’s just drawings. In any case, I hope you’ll like them». Photo + drawingPhoto + drawingPhoto + drawingPhoto + resonance is there to say? Sometimes strange thoughts do arise in my head and I want to stop being yourself, but becoming only a copy. Photo + drawingPhoto + drawingPhoto + drawingPhoto + risunochek that the designer definitely knows what he’s doing. Many like this kind of art, if you can call it that? Photo + drawingPhoto + drawingPhoto + iconoclasty owned by themanwhofellasleep
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