Photos, looking for who understand that cats are veeeery long animals

The most flexible and.It all started with the fact that the Japanese who is known on Twitter under the name Mttkmsan, published a photo of a neighbor’s cat who fell asleep on the back. This funny tweet received active feedback user who started the flash mob, starting to upload pictures of their cats in a similar position. Got a very funny photo. If you have a cat, join us for this Intern-marathon and share the same photos in the comments to the article.

1. Daily Siesta

I’ll sleep in the master? Don’t know, he is still at work.

2. Red «beggar»

Give me…Oh give it to me…

3. Favorite position

Please note that the front fingers touch different items. This is obviously favorite position.

4. The observer

Funny cat lying in the attitude of «sniper».

5. I’m a ballerina

My feet always in the right position…

6. Circus

Promise me you won’t let me fall… Oh!

7.Black Panther

Sleep in a cool bath in one of hot days.

8. The sun

Dosed exposure of my «coats» the sun’s rays.

9. The simulator determine the harmony of shapes

And I have more fish to digest…

10. Paws up

Morning exercises with the host.

11. I’m handsome

Soon I’ll catch up on the growth of his mistress…

12. Bliss

It is so nice when there’s someone behind the ear scratching…

13. Sleep after a hearty lunch

Mouse…Mouse…Mouse…Sorry that I’m not hungry.

14. Do time, do two, do three…

Fitness stretching exercises, combined with proper nutrition can have a huge impact on the elasticity of the muscles.

15. A wonderful day

And outside the window the weather.

16. Training for language

Here is the lesson: Paws are lowered and the tongue falls…

17. My partner in ballroom dancing

Spectacular support.

18. Top, top, stomping baby…

Master, are you sure that it is comfortable for me…?

19. Waiting for lunch

Sleep while on the table are not covered…

20. Favorite place for a sweet sleep

Something basket is not enough…On materials

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