Portraits of dogs with disabilities, which is beautiful in its imperfection

Photographer Alex Sims makes portraits of dogs that are beautiful in their imperfection.There are so many photographers who spetsializiruyutsya on taking pictures of animals, creating magnificent portraits, showing in all their sleek glory, but so few of those who are able to capture and convey the inner beauty of our smaller brethren. Because they too have soul and feelings. Alex, Sirs (Alex Cearns) managed all at once. In their difficult, and sometimes even sad, it showed how strong and adorable four-legged models, despite all the injuries which they had experienced.Alex specializiruetsya on shooting animals, but with a special fondness for our younger brothers, who for one reason or another became disabled. Someone was injured at birth, someone with harsh treatment, some other little known reasons, but, one way or another, each of the victims, due to the love and care to cope with their illnesses, learning to live with missing eyes, limbs and hair. According to the photographer, this project testifies to the fact that animals are amazing and beautiful, despite all its ailments, and litigation.Arya, which was damaged in the womb. Author: Alex Cearns.Blind MUA. Author: Alex Cearns.Jack, who was born with deformed front paws. Author: Alex Cearns.Ruben and keisha in a wheelchair. Author: Alex Cearns.The puppies, who were ill with scabies. Author: Alex Cearns.Jesse, who loves his stroller. Author: Alex Cearns.Dot, lost his eyes. Author: Alex Cearns.Bali PIP, who had scabies. Author: Alex Cearns.Vegemite, who lost his eye. Author: Alex Cearns.The bandit, who was doused with acid. Author: Alex Cearns.Blind Lady Bug. Author: Alex Cearns.Raoul and his chair. Author: Alex Cearns.This touching dog named Yogi, a photo of which made so much noise online that many still argue about the invention of it is computer programs or is it reality. And all because, after his hair was cut, he was outwardly similar to man. According to the website boredpanda.com
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