Province of the stagnation period: 30 black and white photographs of the Russian provinces, 1980-ies

The man on the side of the village street.The beginning of the 1980s, historians call the time of «stagnation». With the TV still broadcast the conventions mixed with the funeral of the Secretary General. A total shortage of food led to the fact that buckwheat Soviet people are stocking up for the future, and smoked sausage get «an acquaintance». The survey collected monochrome pictures, which were made in Soviet times in the Russian hinterland.

1. «Bad mood»

The kids under the supervision of the Pope.

3. «Forced stop»

Sudden breakage – guaranteed repairs on the way.

4. «Under the sun»

Sincere masculine smile.

5. «At the rally»

Elegant women with children in the mass procession.

6. «The sky above»

Winter games in the yard.

7. «Duma»

The slow life of the provinces.

8. «Gray head»

Discussion of important topics at the yard gate.

9. «Run down the street»

Race with your four-legged friend.

10. «Three heroes»

The first guy in the village.

11. «Household chores»

Very attentive hostess.

12. «The snow fell»

Playful children’s games.

13. «Dancing snowflakes»

A lonely old age.

14. «The world in the window»

A little trip with my mom.

15. «Hold on tight!»

Children’s joy – ride on the trunk of the big daddy’s bike.

16. «Curious kids»

There, in the big world?

17. «My dear»

White openwork and tattooed on his arm.

18. «Summer has come»

Passers-by caught in the frame.

19. «Reliable shoulder»

Understanding and supporting a loved one.

20. «The music lesson»

Learning the basics of piano playing.

21. «Sly look»

A small swing.

22. «Near the shop»

Toys, watching the lives of ordinary people.

23. «The old lady in the queue»

The search of the purse in a shabby purse.

24. «The younger generation»

Fashionable guys sneakers, jeans and cigarettes.

25. «The way home»

After a session with a neighbor.

26. «Hard life»

Time goes on, and changes not in a hurry.

27. «Dive into dreams»

… or memories of his youth.

28. «The meeting place»

«All well-known grandmother-old woman…»

29. «A sad female face»

Another passing day.

30. «Cold water»

Almost forgotten now water street column.Continuing the Soviet theme of the story of the who were considered parasites, and how even famous people were under criminal article.

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