Raskolnikov house: the Real story of the St. Petersburg house where Dostoevsky lived his character

«Day of Dostoyevsky» in St. Petersburg, June 30, 2014./Photo: 5uglov.hypericin, which Dostoevsky has Raskolnikov stationed at Stolyarny per., 5, to the primitiveness of the simple — Fyodor Dostoyevsky lived in the neighborhood, why knew the area, and since nature always make it easier. In your area on the same street, but in the house 14/7, he wrote after the exile, and not far from the house was the office of the publishing house where he and his brother published their creations.«House of Raskolnikov» on Civil 19./Photo: litres.Hypo neighborhood there lived not only the main character-a student, but his Sonia, and a slumlord. The one who personally read the work, looking at the house at the address, one could not help wondering: «And where, in fact, fifth floor, on which was discussed in the book?». Georgi Taratorkin — the best of Radionov./Photo: litavrora.giving the program of renovation of the 70-ies of XX century. Then in the house, destroyed the basement that turned the structure into a cropped version of yourself. But do not be sad — the incorrigible admirers of romance, and just concerned people conducted their own investigation and claim that the same «dusty, with a pitiful look and long steps at six» room-attic exists to this day!In the late twentieth century the building had time to post a commemorative granite plaque giving the fictional character is real life. On the Board the words «Home of Raskolnikov. The tragic fate of the people of this area of St. Petersburg Dostoevsky became the basis of his passionate preaching of goodness for all mankind.» Memorial sign to the «House of Raskolnikov»./Photo: litres.iinteresno, but Dostoevsky was among the first who dared to break the stereotypes about the cultural capital in the minds of readers. Instead of ornate temples, monuments, museums, fountains and the overall image of the main entrance of the city, Dostoevsky creates a completely different city, so cruel and cold. «Day of Dostoyevsky» in St. Petersburg./Photo: 5uglov.giv Saint-Petersburg of Dostoevsky reigns in the world of doom and impasse in the place of beautiful streets, the slums, and the cultured population is replaced by the hungry students lokhmatkina.Many who have visited in St. Petersburg, wonderinghow in the Northern capital appeared the well-like courtyards. Several versions in our review.
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