Retro collection of women’s knitwear from fashion magazines of the 1970s

Women’s knitted clothing of the 1970-ies.Knitwear has long gained popularity among fashionistas. Knitted clothing simply indispensable in the cold season, and in the summer ladies will not refuse to flaunt in stylish clothes from Jersey. In this review, the collection of knitted garments that were fashionable in 70-s of the houses of the last century. It is worth saying that many of the fashions may appeal to modern fashionistas.

1. Elegant white

Knit dresses-mini with bright inserts.

2. Ethnic motifs

Colourful short tops for the summer.

3. Bright zigzags

Knit kits were extremely popular in the mid 1970-ies.

4. Elegant.

Stylish sheath mini short sleeve.

5. Loose sweater

For those who like comfortable clothes.

6. Smooth transitions

The original set of three for cool weather.

7. Trendy shades

Feminine knitted dresses that visually define the waist.

8. A variety of styles

Knitted sweater with belt – the usual style of the 1970-ies.

9. Bold stripes

Youth knitted crew neck sweater with multicolored stripes.

10. Rich decor

Openwork poncho with large gold buttons.

11. Warm clothes for fall

Knitted cardigan with belt – the most fashionable thing in the wardrobe women of the 1970-ies.

12. Cute vests

Vests in the 1970-ies were very popular – regardless of color, shape and length.

13. Chunky knit

A set of thick yarn for the cold season.

14. Vivid detail for the image

The elongated openwork vest, crocheted.

15. Spring coat

Knitted outfits in the 1970s, often supplemented by a wide-brimmed hat.

16. Summer motifs

Stylish dresses for warm days.

17. Feminine

Bold knit dress-a mini with a flared sleeve.

18. Red and white

Knitted spring dress with contrast stripes.

19. Laced romance

Easy pale blue summer dress with crochet waist.

20. Two colors

Women’s knitted cardigan with zipper for casual look.

21. Stylish winter

A longline sweater with a pattern-scythes and elegant belt.

22. Rich color

Light sweater with a pattern of diamonds goes well with a short skirt.

23. Color mustard

In the 1970-ies it was considered fashionable to focus on the waist with a belt even knitted clothing.

24. Comfortable and stylish

Knitting was fashionable and comfortable clothing.

25. The perfect couple

In the 1970-ies turtleneck very often worn with knitted vests.

26. Accents

Waist short knitted dress is highlighted with a pattern of small braids.

27. The trick

Colourful accessories complement plain knitted suit with patch pockets on the jacket.

28. Shades of green

Sweater and hat in stripes with a repeating geometric pattern.

29. A gentle way

Perfect outfit for a romantic meeting.

30. Geometric patterns

Bright kits for the Sunny mood.Anyone interested in the history of fashion, will be interested to see the 20 retro photos of teenage girls in fashion dresses 1860.According to the materials of

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