Romantic photos of photographer, whose passion has transformed from a homeless teen in the popular Profi

Happy together. Author: Carsten.Anyone who claims that miracles do not happen, is profoundly mistaken. «It’s hard to believe, but not so long ago, I was a homeless teenager, and now – wedding photographer rushing from one wedding to another directly!» the guy says, under the pseudonym Karsten, huh, that before you came to my dream, wandered the streets in search of successful shots…According to Karsten, his first camera he bought in eleven years. At that time, being in love with photography and skateboarding, he not only dreamed that he would shoot the skaters in motion, and you can become a photographer, building a career. Sixteen, leaving school, guy in search of new frames and emotions of the day wandering the streets of southern California, sleeping in parks, yards and from time to time from random friends and acquaintances, he continued to follow his dream. At eighteen, collecting things and grabbing a camera, a young man wanting change, went to San Francisco to shoot a wedding. Without a roof over his head, he settled down in a Starbucks, where, using the given opportunities and resources, began to attract potential customers, luring them dynamic photos of skateboarders. In the end, the dream became a reality, and wedding photography – favorite work, bringing a good income: «At the moment I’m twenty-four years and I visited twelve countries on four continents, catching in the lens of his camera lovers. And I am very proud to have achieved the desired», — writes the young photographer.The loving hearts. Author: Carsten.On the horizon line. Author: Carsten.The flames of passion and love. Author: Carsten.Happy moment. Author: Carsten.The shadow of love. Author: Carsten.For the final touch. Author: Carsten.Show. Author: Carsten.Tight hug. Author: Carsten.The bond of marriage. Author: Carsten.Handshake. Author: Carsten.Love. Author: Carsten.With you. Author: Carsten.Dance. Author: Carsten.The long-awaited day. Author: Carsten.Romantic atmosphere. Author: Carsten.Down with stereotypes. Author: Carsten.Kiss. Author: Carsten.With love. Author: Carsten.Under the wing of the aircraft. Author: Carsten.You’re my happiness. Author: Carsten.In the gentle embrace of veils. Author: Carsten.Lovers. Author: Carsten.On the shore of love. Author: Carsten.Ring. Author: Carsten.Closer to you. Author: Carsten.Native. Author: Carsten.Kiss! Author: Carsten.The nuptial ceremony. Author: Carsten.The Avenue of lovers. Author: Carsten.In the shadow of feelings. Author: Carsten.Wedding party. Author: Carsten.In a taxi. Author: Carsten.At sunset. Author: Carsten.A self-portrait. Continuing the theme about the long — awaited event — the most emotional wedding photosthat have become winners of Junebug Weddings 2017.According to the website
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