Sad girl in the visual stories about spiritual doubt and anguish

Wait, love, yearn. Author: Vangelis Rinas.According to contemporary Greek artist Vangelis Rinas (Vangelis Rinas), he was born and raised in nature, where the sea was foamy and noisy forest. But the main character of his paintings is a sad girl who seemed filled with the paintings in a kind of silent waiting. But it’s hard to say who or what they exactly expect. Perhaps, here, the key point focuses on the memories and the longing for the native land or the soul mate that doomed them to loneliness…The prisoner of her loneliness. Author: Vangelis Rinas.My body became my prison. Author: Vangelis Rinas.Thoughts about loneliness. Author: Vangelis Rinas.It is better to be alone than in a crowd. Author: Vangelis Rinas.Loneliness. Author: Vangelis Rinas.It turns out that real loneliness is when you’re with people who even look at you don’t want to. Author: Vangelis Rinas.I’m all alone and nobody understands me. Author: Vangelis Rinas.Hermits are people too, obsessively occupied with itself. Author: Vangelis Rinas.Eternal torment and doubt. Author: Vangelis Rinas.Alone with myself and my own thoughts. Author: Vangelis Rinas.It’s hard to dance when there is no partner. Author: Vangelis Rinas.There are days when we are left alone… Author: Vangelis Rinas.Cold nights, lonely days, all is forgotten for a long time and went nowhere. Author: Vangelis Rinas.I’m tired of search in each pair of eyes reflected. Author: Vangelis Rinas.Workshop of broken hopes and dreams. Author: Vangelis Rinas.A feeling of inner emptiness. Author: Vangelis Rinas.Introvert. Author: Vangelis Rinas.Dungeon. Author: Vangelis Rinas.Eternal voyage. Author: Vangelis Rinas.For some, loneliness – a reason to give up and feel sorry for myself, for others, the opportunity to be alone with themselves and their own thoughts. And for Illustrator Yaoyao Ma Van As a real holiday and art, thanks to which are born sincere drawings on the theme of his own life.According to the website
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