Sahara – Queen of deserts

Photo Fred RelaixСахара is the most majestic and the world’s largest desert located in North Africa. It is extremely interesting day when every grain of sand sparkles and shimmers under the sun, and the whole sand mass is similar to the endless sea, that carries the caravans of camels on their waves. At night, the Sahara desert is also extremely beautiful, with a deafening silence, with a fresh and clear air and the stars, which seem to be somewhere nearby and it should reach out and touch them.Photo By Fred RelaixPhoto Fred RelaixПустыня Sahara stretches across much of Northern Africa, covering about 9 000 000 square kilometers. In fact, the Sahara Desert covers approximately 30% of the entire African continent. Photo Fred RelaixВ Sahara every year there is about 160 thousand mirages, and it is possible to observe the emergence of wells, oases, palm trees and even mountain ranges. Photo Fred RelaixКому really lucky to see all this extraordinary beauty is a French photographer Fred Relaix which to catch the wonders of the desert went far in the Arab country of Morocco. Without a doubt unique pictures of desert areas deserve the highest marks, because to make such a striking fine art photographs need to be not only a talented photographer, but also a desperate traveler, and rare daredevil. Photo By Fred Relaix
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