Sell everything and never come back: the family with young children went to a trip around the world

Claire and Jan Fischer with their children went on a long journey.How often families with young children postpone travel to later, expecting greater autonomy of children, or more stable financial position. Another story with Claire and Ian Fisher from the UK. Once, after burying a close family member and friend, they suddenly realized that life is short and wait for this «later» just makes no sense. Thus began their long journey who has not yet seen the end.While children still do not go to school, Ian and Claire decided to travel the world.Claire, now 31, her husband Jan — 28, they have two children — three-year-old Madison and five-year-old son Callan. Life in Wales is good, but it’s too small for them to live in the same country. Once realizing that a sedentary life is not for them — at least not in his native Wales — the Fisher family decided to radically change everything. «We still travel a lot with the whole family. If it turns out, three times in the year where things go. Recently returned from Dubai, — says Claire. — We realized that we are happy only when traveling or when planning our trip. So we decided to go in this trip, not even to think, when we get back.»To afford the trip, the couple sold everything from cars and furniture to handbags.Claire works as a business coach, John works in media. Not that they were the richest people, but for the first time travel they have enough money. So you do not have to be stranded, the couple decided to sell all of their possessions, from cars to handbags. «We roughly planned out our journey for eight months, and then we’ll come back and visit our families, friends, well then think again go and continue our journey.» Claire is very optimistic: «I would like to travel the world, so much we have not planned when exactly back to back. I think once we find a place where we can all enjoy, we’ll move there.»This family loves to travel that can not afford to refuse to travel for a very long time.In case their savings will come to an end, the pair plans to find a job at the place of stay. At the time they invested in the acquisition of photo and video camera, so that parallel spread videos and pictures about their adventures on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. «I still work from home, so basically I can earn money even while traveling. But if something will come out of our project with social networks, it’s all going to be fine.»Family, Claire and John is not very pleased by this fundamental solution pair, especially when they said they can not return home to the UK.»We always wanted to do not only work, but also to help as volunteers, especially useful for children to learn from an early age the importance of coming to the rescue. When you work full time, few take the time to such things. But now, when we travel we can afford, and volunteering, too.»In the next 8 months, the Fishers are planning to travel around Asia and Oceania.The couple doesn’t want kids just horsing around during travel so that they are engaged with them by following the training program, and regular school the children will go when they decide where to settle for permanent living. In the meantime, the family plans to travel to Christmas at the same time selling all their belongings, and then for the holidays to return to his family, to stay, and once again hit the road. «When we announced their intention to their families, well, I can’t say that they were glad, says Claire. — But most of them are still happy for us.»During the trip, the education and training of children a couple plans to start their own. Nearest travel plan family Fischer lies through Majorca, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia and Fiji.On vacation.In case you decide to go on a trip and your way will lie through Italy, you will surely get useful tips from our article «Exposing popular stereotypes about ItalyAccording to the materials of
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