Silence and perfection: the dramatic beauty of nature in a minimalist style

On the same line. Author: George Digalakis.Modern art is not what we see but what we feel, because everyone has their own perception of the world. Monochrome works of George Digalakis (George Digalakis) as a good example. His images – the silent history, in which nature, shrouded in silence, tranquility and peace, tells more eloquently than any words.George shoots exclusively in black and white, his works are an aesthetic treat for the eyes where every story is the epitome of serenity. Endless horizons, solitary trees, endless water surface, flocks of birds sitting on the branches, the deserted piers, fishing boats and more striking in its delicate, and partly not at all understated beauty.The road to Paradise. Author: George Digalakis.Lake view with birds. Author: George Digalakis.A tree with birds. Author: George Digalakis.Monster. Author: George Digalakis.Tree. Author: George Digalakis.Island. Author: George Digalakis.Silence and perfection. Author: George Digalakis.Observer. Author: George Digalakis.Hunters. Author: George Digalakis.A fisherman’s hut. Author: George Digalakis.Pierce. Author: George Digalakis.Birds in the mist. Author: George Digalakis.Fishing boat. Author: George Digalakis.The pillars of the earth. Author: George Digalakis.Silence. Author: George Digalakis.The nature is amazing and beautiful. It is always unpredictable, sometimes Moody, sometimes brooding, and often silent. But it can be infinitely long, admiring the unbelievable beauty of smooth lines and curves written by the invisible hand of the Creator. After all, minimalism is simplicity, perfected…websites and
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