Speaking of coins, money with hemp and other strange means of payment in the history of mankind

Speaking of coins, money with hemp and other strange means of payment in the history of mankind Today each country has its own currency, all notes and coins have their own individual design, and their secret degrees of protection and their value. But there are means of payment which are not very standard and familiar. What is unusual is calculated for purchases and what banknotes and coins are of interest as its unique design?

Labels of wine bottles

Labels from wine bottles played a role of means of payment. After the revolution (1917) Yakutia experienced a crisis of paper money. Their acute shortage has led to an unexpected solution. Alexei Semenov, who led at the time by the people’s Commissariat of Finance, introduced the paper label from the wine beverages. Wine money./Photo:cs5.pikabu.giamini common were labels from «Cahors», «Port», «Madeira», «Sherry», «Oporto». Each of them had its own denomination — «Madera» has replaced the ruble, «Cahors» was equal to ten. The authenticity of such notes is confirmed by the stamp and handwritten signature Semenov. Gone from circulation of the «wine money» with the advent of Soviet power.

The talking coin

If we talk about the unusual characteristics of the coins, then perhaps talking will be a very unusual instance. This coin is very rare, you can find it in Mongolia. It has a nominal value of 50 mnt. On one side there is a picture of John F. Kennedy, and pressing the special button coin voice of President pronounces English phrase translation sounding as «I am proud that I am a Berliner».Talking coin from Mongolia./Photo: cdn.fishki.net

Coins with illusions

Coins with the optical illusions began to appear in 2001, when the idea for this unusual design funds appeared in several States. Unusual in that they encode multiple images, each of which becomes visible under a certain angle. Thus, the Republic of Palau boasts of a coin of $ 5, which depicts don Quixote. But if you look closely, you can see the image of Sancho Panza. Coin-illusion picture of don Quixote and Sancho Panza./Photo: news.coin.IV Zambia there is a coin, which represents an episode from the film «cat in the window», created by the artist from Switzerland Sandro del Pre. In order to see him, you must be very careful, because at first glance the coin may be seen only by the seductive feminine silhouette. Coin-illusion of Zambia./Photo: rulim.adoptions joke can play with people coins created by the masters of Liberia and Uganda (edition 2001).Coins-illusions from Liberia./Photo: news.coin.su

Unusual shape guitars, motorcycles, cars, coins in the shape of cannabis, the pyramids

Coins made in the form of colorful guitars, played along with other money to Somalia. The reason for the release of the many unusual money became the fiftieth anniversary of rock ‘ n ‘ roll, and their face value was $ 1. In Somalia, there have also been cases of issue of coins in the form of brightly colored motorcycles and cars. Coins in the shape of guitars and motorcycles./Photo: cdn.trinixy.himonly in the form of a cannabis leaf was launched in cash flow in 2011, in Benin. Interesting not only for their form, they are still one of the original property. If you RUB the back side — you can catch the smell of cannabis. However, manufacturers claim that the scent is completely synthetic and has no psychotropic effects.Coins in the form of hemp./Photo: coins.IV self-governing state the Niue education, is part of New Zealand issued $ 1, which has a rectangular shape and is decorated with colourful images. Coin-calendar, released in Zambia in 2003, has the shape of a geptagon. $ 15, created especially for year of the tiger (2010) in Canada, made in the form of a circle with wavy edges. In the Fiji Islands, in the same year was released the double coin resembling a well-known combination of «Yin and Yang». And the Mariana Islands five dollar coin has the shape of a heart. Coin-calendar from Zambia./Photo: www.numisbids.Ammonite in the shape of a pyramid created from silver, was released the city of Tadworth (England). It depicts the writing on the walls of Tutankhamen’s tomb and the solar disk with particles of sand taken directly from the tomb.

Disney and dollar coins with their favorite characters

Disney dollars — the key to a good mood. They depict favorite cartoon characters, and pay them on a beach, Disneyland or similar places of recreation. The disney dollars./Photo: antikvar77.song, Polynesian state of Tuvalu in 2009 was released the coin, decorated in shades of pink. It was adorned with the image of Barbie. Released for the 50th anniversary of the existence of a favorite doll. Here were created colored coins, illustrated with scenes from «Transformers». Coin with the image of a Barbie doll./Photo: static.newauction.Gia here in Belarus there are the coins issued on motives of known fairy tales. Among them — «the snow Queen», «the Little Prince», «12 months» and others. Belarusian coins with scenes from fairy tales./Photo: sobkor.net

Coin with Holy water or a piece of meteorite

In 2007, Palau surprised another exclusive coin — it was made of silver. It had suffered the image of the virgin Mary, and inside enclosed microscopic-sized bottle of Holy water. Coin with Holy water./Photo: cdn2.leafclover.club benefit from many worldwide in the cook Islands in 2010 decided to create an original coin with pieces of real meteorite. Complemented by a stylized color image, it has an original appearance. Coin with a piece of meteorite./Photo: coinsfromworld.com

Wooden money and cardboard fine

The city of moose jaw (Canada) experienced a shortage of the metal. This led to the fact that in everyday life there are wooden means of payment. They were small boards, each of which had its own denomination. Wooden money./Photo: hsl.digis because of the same lack of metal means of payment Manchuria was once fine. The money of cardboard had the denominations of 1 and 5 FINA.

Coins with the individual flavors and volume pictures

Craftsmen from the island of Palau have designed and brought to life the coins of the series «heavenly aromas». Their uniqueness is that each has its own unique smell. Coin with the image and scent of coconut is the first sample collection. The coin with the smell of coconut./Photo: newcoin.iinteresno also a coin with the image of surfing, conquering the waves and smell of sea freshness. Many numismatists the world recognized the most beautiful coin from Cameroon. There in 2011 released a 1000 francs, the decoration of which was a three-dimensional image of a butterfly sitting on a flower. Her wings are noticeably in favor of the edge. 2500 of these coins were quickly deposited in the collections of connoisseurs.Coin with an oversized butterfly./Photo: bessarabiainform.com

Space money

Officially this money is not used anywhere. But it is planned that they will become a single legal tender of the galaxy. They are made of durable plastic and are a stylized image of all the planets of the solar system. Space money./Photo: ds02.infourok.Giese one interesting coin is the «Golden beetle» with a secret. Historians have long argued, what message are encrypted by the Russian artist in the «hobo Nickel» based on the short stories of Edgar Allan PoE.

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