Tatyana Kravchenko: Why a popular favorite Valyukha of «Matchmakers» have not yet found happiness

Tatiana Kravchenko. / Photo: www.7days.ru and www.news-for.meОна knew at a young age, that popularity will come to it in adulthood, and waited patiently. Tatyana Kravchenko has starred in «the Matchmakers» and became famous in 50 years, playing happy and temperamental Valyuha Budko. In reality, the personal life of the actress was not easy. She had been married twice and both times she has broken up with their spouses for fear that at some point physically destroy the offender.

Early marriage

Tatyana Kravchenko in his youth. / Photo: www.7days.ru Tatiana from the first time he entered the Schepkin drama school, where at the insistence of actress and teacher, Alla Tarasova was transferred to the School-Studio of MKHAT. It was here waiting for her meeting with her first husband, Vladimir Lavinsky.Vladimir Levinski extremely proud of the fact that he is the grandson of Vladimir Mayakovsky, strongly emphasizing their belonging to the elite. He studied at the faculty, in the Studio on the Arbat was going great student of the company. Lavinsky immediately took a liking to the charming young student. However, to marry was in no hurry. The study came to an end, and Tatiana were not invited to the theater in Moscow.Tatyana Kravchenko in «danger!». / Photo: www.kino-teatr.org the Beloved actress, invited her to go to the province, and he had planned just to visit. But Tatyana was lucky: mark Zakharov invited her into the troupe of the famous Lenkom. For employment she needed was to become Muscovite. The graduate of School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, inspired by the success, he ran into the workshop of Vladimir Lavinsky and gave him an ultimatum: go to sign. To resist, he did not.Scene from student performance at the School-Studio MXAT. Tatyana Kravchenko in the center. / Photo: www.7days.ru the Life of a young family was far from perfect. The young wife was happy: she has a lovely husband and a job. And the husband began to be jealous. She’s sought after rehearsals in a state of delight and ran across the surly Volodya immediately began questioning: what do you have with the world? All the stories about the work were raised from Lavinsky only bouts of anger. When he allowed himself to lift her arm, she just left. Their marriage lasted only 2 years.


Tatyana Kravchenko in the movie «the People in the ocean.» / Photo: www.kino-teatr.org Tatiana liked men, she drew them with his openness, kindness and easy temper. Also apparently the actress was very pretty. After the divorce, she had a fleeting novels, not who has left a special trace in the soul. One of the fans gave her one night of an ancient book on palmistry. Tatiana spent all night, looking at the drawn lines of their destiny and understand that real success will come to it only in adulthood.

«We choose, choose us…»

Tatiana Kravchenko and Dmitri Named her daughter Anna. / Photo: www.tele.ru Dmitry Gorbachevsky fate pushed Tatiana Eduardovna repeatedly. He was tall, handsome and incredibly charming. She was married to Lavinski and Named diligently tried to seduce her. Tatiana, a male succumbing to his charms, however, avoided his Named. For ten years they occasionally met on the set. But first came the bride, then he got married. And after his divorce, when Tatyana already had their own housing in Moscow, they met at the house of Olga and Valeria Masnou Priemyhova. It became clear that Tatiana is still in love with him. When Dmitry went to see her home, she invited him to visit. Tatiana Kravchenko. / Photo: www.bestactor.ru in the Morning he surprised and pleased with her phrase: «How are we going to live?» Next was the Registrar, the birth of my only daughter Anna and a long patience Tatiana. She just loved him and was willing to forgive a lot. Even turned a blind eye to his numerous infidelities. Moreover, returning from a tour, she always warned her husband about when to arrive so as not to catch in the house of his mistress.She tried to reason with her husband, told him how cool it would be to be faithful to each other, and in old age walks together in the Park, holding hands. But Dimitri rushes don’t appreciate the feelings did not speak, and at her request at least once to tell her about love, wrote a letter. He colorfully and ornately described the feelings, but in the end it turned out that Declaration of love he’s my dog Pauline.Tatiana Kravchenko. / Photo: www.jackineo.ru Later Dmitry began to drink. Tatiana was afraid of him at such moments, he became aggressive and unpredictable. But she is more afraid of his reaction. Her hand was heavy, and she could just kill her husband. But her daughter, darling, darling to jail, she does not. When endure forever dissatisfied with her husband, raising her hand became unbearable, she filed for divorce.

Simple pleasures

Tatyana Kravchenko with his daughter Anna. / Photo: www.tele.ru Since then Tatiana lives with her daughter, removed a lot and considers himself a happy man. Shooting in the «Matchmakers» brought her fame and national love. How can you not remember your own prediction Tatiana about success after 50 years?Tatyana Kravchenko, Fedor Dobronravov. / Photo: www.tv.net.ua However, Tatyana Eduardovna managed in the process to fall in love with her partner Fyodor Dobronravov, but he gently told her «Valyuha» he loves wife Irina, she loves children and never betray. Tatyana Kravchenko acknowledged that I have never met such loyal and devoted men like Fedor Dobronravov.Tatiana Kravchenko. / Photo: www.mirnov.ru She no longer hoped to build a relationship with a man, but very waiting for the daughter to give her grandchildren.Fedor Dobronravov, partner Tatyana Kravchenko on the series «Matchmakers», met his true love in childhood.

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