Tea ceremony as art: what is needed utensils

Holding a real tea ceremony requires the creation of a certain atmosphere with calm muted music. An integral part of the ceremony is the special dishes. From time to time, dishes and methods of preparation of the drink was changed. Today at carrying out of tea ceremonies are special tea sets. Today to buy utensils for the tea ceremony is possible even on the Internet


This cookware item for the tea ceremony is called Cha Cha pan or baths, a represents the tea Board or simply put the tray. In the Chinese tradition the platforms and trays for special attention because the supply to them and without them is very different. In most cases, for the manufacture of the tea Board bamboo is used


This is the name of the kettle, which heats water for brewing tea. The peculiarity of it is that he makes it clear to what stage preheated water, it is very important to use water of a certain temperature. The best option are the teapots from clay to Guangdong, but due to their high cost many people prefer to use regular glass teapots. Special teapots and matching decor for the home can be purchased in specialized stores


This item can still be called Cha Hae. There is a box where is the tea, the smell of which every member of the tea party can get acquainted before the ceremony. The shape of the box is oblong, and on one side is a spout through which to pour the tea in the gaiwan or teapot.


This is a kettle for tea, which can also be called a Cha Hu. Made this piece out of clay, porcelain or glass. Size and shape depend on variety of teas and the number of people participating in the ceremony. Before using this dish be sure to rinse with boiling water


This bowl justice, which is also referred to as Cha Hai or Gondaba. In this ware tea poured from the kettle after the brew. Through this action, each participant of a tea ceremony can enjoy the color of tea and get a drink without even the smallest pieces of thread as they will remain at the bottom Chachi. Cups drink bottled after a little cool

Pinkenba, and Vansana

This is the name of a couple of tea, which consists of narrow and wide bowl and a narrow, high bowl. Pour drink high in the bowl, symbolizing the sky. Then it is covered by a narrow thicket, symbolizing the earth. After turning bowls, it turns out that tea is sent from heaven to earth


This stand is specifically for the tea pair, which is also referred to as Cha. This item of tea ware flow looks more concise and complete.


The name given to the Cup with a lid. For its production can use clay, glass or porcelain. For black and red tea is more suited to clay, and white and green glassware and porcelain.


This is the name of a special container, used to store tea. These containers are sealed and are opaque, it is better if they are made of porcelain or clay. Only this way you can save all properties of tea.

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