Thai girl cosplay images of celebrities using the products from your refrigerator

22-year-old Benjaporn Ketsudan is a charming girl who cosplay celebrities.Cosplay is gaining popularity. That 22-year-old Thai girl, Benjaporn Kesadaran combined two of his passions – celebrity and the love of food – and proved that the cosplay does not need a large amount of the costumes as the stars. Creative tyke sure cosplay can be a very low cost and fun.

1. Araya Alberta, Chargeit at the Cannes film festival

Stunning dress by Ralph & Russo, Benjaporn Kesadaran was decorated with crackers homemade.

2. North Korean Leader Kim Jong-UN

The image that chose 22-year-old girl for transformation in the home country is the idol.

3. Stunning toilet Arai, Chargeit

White Swan cloak, created from Enoki mushrooms.

4. The cover of the magazine

The chips look great instead of a jacket, and a thermos replaces the yellow purse.

5. On the red carpet

Costume star recreated from dishes and a lot of pounds of cabbage.

6. American pop singer Rihanna

Interesting interpretation of cold cuts.

7. Angel with wings of fire

Sticks «Nescafе» replace the wings.

8. Rihanna in the guise of the Pope

An impromptu headpiece of the Roman Pontiff from different jars for spices.

9. Festive decoration of chicken and eggs

Cosplayer, Benjaporn Kesadaran picks up an image, sewing costumes and manufactures merchandise personally.

10. Dark side Darth Vader

Black costume of Anakin Skywalker supplemented by a variety of foods.

11. Banana Princess

How many bananas had to buy inventing this way?

12. For fans of fantasy

Transform helped waffle cookies and candy.


Transformation managed with the help of algae.

14. Just noodles

The girl in the image of the beloved actress.

15. Character from the anime

The image of a young guy recreated with the help of economic resources.

16. Princess Ariel

Burning peppercorns, chili and cabbage leaves I went to the course.

17. Find four differences

The hair clip from the shrimp, brooch of fried fish, bracelets made of candy and buckle from a piece of fish.

18. Wild imagination

It seems to me that you can start the tea ceremony.

19. The poster for the film «Dunkirk»

Important not to get lost in the supermarket with a huge selection of products.

20. Extravaganza of colors

For the effect of recreating the striking image was used regular flour.

21. A popular hobby

Different sweets for the sweet tooth.

22. Just the slow cooker

Instead of a soccer ball – the slow cooker.

23. Sun dress idol

I could eat this delicious outfit.

24. At the fashion show

An ingenious solution — barbecue grills.

25. The cosplay hobby

The combination of small details in the costume closest cosplayer to the selected character.

26. Top model

Vines replaced the lace embroidery on the jacket.

27. Press interviews

The girl wearing the jacket, and instead of hair used pasta.

28. Cosplay based on the cartoon «Brave heart»

Food young girl help to get relatives.

29. Promotional video

Is a protective cream at the counter with food.

30. Glamour and the fruit of the durian

Solid fruit of the durian shell with strong spines used in the suit.It may seem strange, but the cosplay is fun not only for youth but also for seniors. So, the couple regained interest in life changing into well-known characters.

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