That Takeo Hertz, or As Zaporozhye Cossacks before the battle taunted the enemy

Why Cossacks in the battle went to Hertz.The courage, the bravery and prowess of the Cossacks for so many centuries go awesome legends. Never cease to amaze with their resourcefulness, wit, sharp mind in doing the fighting, both on land and at sea. That only cost them the famous «Seagull», striking fear into the enemy fleet, and tactics, «Hertz», called bloody dance of death, which could defeat any enemy to fear.Zaporozhian host.«Grew up in works like the Scythians, hardened different tests — like the Huns, born warriors — as the Goths, tanned in the sun like the Indians and violent — as the Sarmatians. Lions in pursuit of the enemy, like the Turks in guile. They are Christians by their faith…» — as described Cossacks French historian N. de Partenon in 1608.Almost every land battle, the Cossacks started out with «obscene invitation to fight to the death». It was Hertz (in Ukrainian — «Herzl») to display his courage and trial of enemy forces before the upcoming fight in a duel. Attack of the Cossacks in the steppe. Author: Franz Roubaud.Hertz is a kind of psychic attack, and speaking in modern language, something like «a cocktail of reconnaissance and games with death.» Similar tactics Cossacks borrowed from the Tatar soldiers, although those bullets never tripped and teased the enemy at a distance, without risking their lives. And dashing Cossacks, showing amazing courage and bravery, crossed all facets of security and are often killed. It was the sassy death in the history of military battles.Hertz — duel before the battle.And it happens so often. The most intrepid Cossacks, grouped, rode up to the ranks of the enemy on the firing range and began their deadly dance. They expertly pranced on horseback, «digitali», laughing, shouting insulting obscenities, thus causing the brave men of the camp of the enemy to fight. Cossacks, dancing under the bullets and cannonballs flying, circling 100-150 steps from the enemy, that was enough to hear the swearing, but too much for sighting shots from muskets.Match. The battle with the Tatars.Hertz, as a rule, unfailingly acted on the psyche, and often infuriated the soldiers of the enemy side were broken and started to shoot muskets anywhere. And the horsemen, breaking formation and trying to catch Cossacks immediately ran into the slender fire Cossack muskets. And if the commander of the enemy side still kept their soldiers, the goal of Hertz was still achieved — it sowed panic in the ranks of the enemy, they are now the Cossacks seemed to be demigods or poludionny. Showing tremendous courage and fighting spirit of the Cossacks spun under a hail of bullets and cores, creating the illusion of invulnerability. The arrogance of the Cossacks combined with extraordinary military skill, so the opponents, who took their call, often killed in a duel. Although the Cossacks after the Hertz not all returned to their camp. But whatever it was, in the first shed blood before the battle meant a lot for morale.The Cossacks return from a campaign. Author: Brand.Despite the loss of the Hertz Cossacks never stopped, they were conscious of the battle to fight to the bloody death dance, tempering his will, courage and courage. In fact, Hertz was another role — intelligence. Thanks to him, prancing Cossacks trained eye detected an ambush of the enemy and terrain in enemy territory.

Zaporizhia Cossack hell not a brother

Zaporizhia Cossack hell not a brother.Most who are faced on the field of battle with the Cossacks, considered them almost invincible — «they didn’t take the shot and destroyed the sword.» So, the Turkish commander Hussein Delhi in 1641, retreating after a four-month siege of the Azov fortress, in desperation, reported to the Sultan: «we Have terrible losses. We conquered whole kingdoms, and now bear the shame from insignificant handfuls of Cossacks. They are not people. They are devils who took human form. According to the Janissaries, they stop the bullets catch floors coats of the nucleus dissolved in the air and suddenly hit from behind».Zaporizhia Cossack can deceive the devil himself.No wonder they say: «the Zaporozhye Cossacks can deceive the devil himself». And this Cossacks used not only military weapons, but secret knowledge. Someone who owned one, called «characterniki». And thanks to the secrets of these magicians, Cossacks were able to survive in wars with the poles, Tatars and Turks.The Zaporozhets. 1884 Ilya Repin.

Pre-election fights

By the way, the fights were often used in the election campaign. Every year at the camp held elections for new leaders — the commissary judges, cornet, clerk, Treasurer and ataman. This process was watched by the Hetman and the foreman, but the final decision was taken by an ordinary Cossack rabble.The Hetman Of Zaporizhia Troops — Ivan Bohun.And since fighters have always respected a brave and successful commanders, captains and colonels often had to travel to a duel, risking his head for the sake of power and authority. And the one who passed this bloody selection was color one of the best armies in Eastern Europe.

Sea trips Cossacks

Cossacks.Among the Cossacks was… «the poles and Muscovites, and Volohov, Jews, and all people of every language.» This multi-ethnic community formed to «draw» the border lands of the Dnieper rapids, did not obey anyone in the world and constantly replenish their ranks with outcasts and fugitives. She lived according to its own laws and customs, existed at the expense of the prey that was captured during the many land and sea tours.Cossack «Seagull».For anybody not a secret that Cossacks are famous not only for land battles, and sea robberies. Their naval raids on the Black sea, the Cossacks carried out on the so-called «Seagulls» — sailing and rowing boats, which were built at the camp. Romantic name «the Seagull» comes from the Italian — AssA, Turkish -sayca, Bulgarian — gang meaning — a pirate ship. The Cossack fleet.»The Seagull» was reminiscent of its design the frigates going at the oars and under sail. These ships could accommodate up to fifty people. So that they are able to withstand severe storms in the storm, they were tied around the sides of the sheaves of reeds, which kept them on the water.In the ambush.The bold and the brave, despising death, the Cossacks were not afraid to storm even the major Turkish galleys. Why the sea in those days no ship, no matter how he was great and well armed, was not safe if he came across in calm weather with the Cossack «Seagulls». The sea battle.At any moment the ship might suddenly surround many «Seagulls», to take on Board the ship and storm to capture it. The Cossacks took money, valuable goods, guns, weapons, and the ship itself along with the team was let down. Plenty of good typing, the Cossacks returned home. And then on the way home waiting for the ambush and the Turks, and Tatars. Sometimes half of the Cossacks had not returned to the camp .A storm at sea.From the middle of the 16th century sea trips Cossacks have become commonplace. Zaporozhets, who has never visited sea RAID, weren’t even considered a real Cossack. Almost every year he made the Cossacks campaigns against Muslim port city. In the early 17th century the Cossacks were taken by a daring March on Sinope, in Asia Minor. The damage caused to the city was estimated at 40 million zlotys. When Sultan Ahmed I learned about the fall of Sinope, he was so angry, that he executed the Grand vizier.Naval glory of the Zaporozhye Cossacks. Then, in 1616, two thousand Zaporozhian under the leadership of Petro Sahaidachny at the mouth of the Dnieper, defeated the Turkish fleet, seizing dozens of ships and hundreds of boats. And then went to the Crimea to the slave market in Kafa (Feodosiya) and freed from bondage thousands of slaves. Four years later the Cossacks to 150 seagulls came to the shores of Turkey and attacked Constantinople and Varna. And in five years the Cossack fleet near Ochakov defeated the Turkish fleet, capturing more than 20 galleys.The army of Zaporozhye.Such feats are not very nice and did a legendary Cossacks, showing valor and courage on the battlefields on land and at sea. On a personal example, as well as songs and stories about Hertz and naval campaigns, educating a new generation of the dashing Cossacks.The Zaporozhets.And surprisingly, the Cossacks were not afraid of anyone: neither the Tatars, nor Turks, nor the hell… besides from the woman who according to legend takes the entire Cossack strength, courage and magic defense.Love the Cossack.As for the sacred phrase «lost his head from love» sechevikov sometimes had a literal meaning for the Cossack who had dared to bring a woman to the camp, risked in fact to remain without a head. So, join the ranks of the Cossack brotherhood, the Cossacks symbolically married «the only bride and wife of Cossack freedom».Sich trial.And the Cossacks began to start families.But who took to wife free Cossacks, which went from a strong and original people, read one of our previous reviews.

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