The actress from «house» accused Marilyn Manson of sexual assault to all women on the set

Marilyn Manson was accused of sexual harassment. Such actions of famous rock artist told Charlene Yi is an American actress who is the star of the famous TV series «house MD». In her words, harassed by Manson, she was attacked during filming of the series. She also noted that was not the only victim, this rock musician, who calls himself a big fan of the series, while on the set molested all the women.
This iconic actress told in his account on the social network Twitter. In her message she indicated that harassment by Manson – this is an old story. This occurred at a time when the film crew worked to create last season. On the platform, where he carried out the shooting, the singer got just to see how a favorite TV series «house MD». According to the American actress was acting it obscene, molested all the women wanting to know they are ready to try specific sex positions. The very same Charlene Yi, this musician called «Chinese».
Compiled post sparked interest among users of social network Twitter. Comments were mixed. Some of the users wanted to know whether the actress proof that Marilyn Manson had assaulted her and other women. Under the evidence refers to evidence of other women who were part of the crew or any records. On such review, the actress did not give a clear answer and just decided to say goodbye to this user. Other users call the behavior of a rock singer annoying and not surprised that he could go to sexual harassment. They also noted that measures should be taken to protect children from such bad influences.
It is worth Recalling that in recent months in the United States, women began to address in court with statements of claim, where he accused prominent people in the harassment. In the list of accused include politicians, journalists, actors and other celebrities. Very loud was charged with Harvey Weinstein, who has been harassing women for many years. After these accusations the career of a producer was destroyed, as well as his marriage.
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