The artist creates from ordinary household items, mixed installations

Spoon. Author: Paul Muguet.Spanish painter Paul Muget (Paul Muguet) turns art into the sign of elegant beauty and unbridled remission, erasing the fine line between conceptual art and the hermeneutic circle. But this is only one side, the other everything is different. His unusual approach to work, becoming the most closed loop, in which the sensuality of art takes aesthetic judgment with a bit of finesse. Here comes alive the symbiosis of signs, symbols and philosophical motives, breaking the logic of the and, knocking the viewer the ground from under his feet causes him to get lost in the hundreds of guesses, trying to figure out what all the author wanted to say.The creative Floor is still a misunderstood mystery. It’s like a bright neon light that crosses the canvas is covered with a Baroque pattern in the negative. Elegant and devastating, so much so that, offering you the viewer, challenging him to come closer and find out what it is actually, on canvas, attached to a canvas, decal or some object. His work, with its powerful visual magnetism and thin, are skillfully adjusted to gravity, misleading, and sometimes drives to a screeching halt. Thus, the author tries to draw a fine line between feelings, memories, smells and presence. Between the past, the present and the future, focused on the conceptual-emotional reflection, leading to the feeling of a semiotic meditation.Characteristic of relationship, 2013. Author: Paul Muguet.One thousand nine hundred and seventy-five spoons, 2012. Author: Paul Muguet.A series of Prints spoons, 2012, acrylic spray on paper. Author: Paul Muguet.Prints spoons No. 21, 2012, acrylic spray on paper. Author: Paul Muguet.Virus paradox, 1999, polystyrene, and blown glass. Author: Paul Muguet.The air chamber No. 3 (during), 2012, steel and enamel. Author: Paul Muguet.Without words No. 5, 2009, gesso, acrylic, enamel and oil on MDF. Author: Paul Muguet.Without words No. 3 (after G. Richter), 2007, oil on MDF. Author: Paul Muguet.Hypnoanalyst, 2010, fiberglass, steel and automotive paint. Author: Paul Muguet.The asterism (star), 2009, fluorescent paint and varnish on canvas. Author: Paul Muguet.Dead chair, 2012, the dismantled wooden chair. Author: Paul Muguet.Origin, 1998, print on barium paper. Author: Paul Muguet.Beginning in 1998, the print on barium paper. Author: Paul Muguet.Close-up, 1998, print on barium paper. Author: Paul Muguet.Sometimes a particular art and is not solved until the end. Often, the meaning you are trying to find and that is missing. And then one wonders, what is it and why? Approximately the same situation with the works of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, who managed to create a hellish mix of stories and styles on superflat paintings, looking at that, to put it mildly, arrive in shock.Websites and
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