The derision and joy of the «small Dutch» by Jan Steen, which had produced 800 paintings

Self Portrait By Jan Steen./ Photo: bestarts.ogpracing, why suddenly on one patch of land begins the rise of cultural development, the experts usually explain the coincidence of favourable economic conditions and historically justified necessity. The Dutch of the 17th century, traded, conquered the borders of Spain and the sea, built a dam and city. As well as rapidly grew rich, and adored all the beautiful buildings, clothing, jewelry, furnishings.

The Dutch «large» and «small»

A fragment of the painting «Sick and doctor»./ Photo: smallbay.Gina the call of the era did not hesitate to come such masters as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals and other «heavyweights» whom they call «big Dutch». Large they were in the sense of the size of his majestic paintings, and in the direction of the spiritual search of picturesque images in the subtle range of human emotion.Fragment «Revelers»./ Photo: Finally freed from Spanish claims to their independence, the Dutch got another «gift» from Calvinist churches, which refused to decorate their house gods painting. A fragment of a painting «people of Delft»./ Photo: curiator.comprimere since that time, in simple language, the painting literally «went to the people». The monumental size of the paintings was reduced to such a format, which is convenient to hang on the bedroom wall or in the dining room. Small paintings had images of scenes of biblical proportions, but the variety of genres can satisfy any demanding taste: still lifes, portraits, landscapes and a big set of genre scenes where recognizable everyday details of urban life side by side with the sublime or the ridiculous. Fragment «Rhetoric in a box.»/ Photo: curiator.combut this fertile soil blossomed phenomenal phenomenon, later called the creative heritage of «small Dutch». Boom in the demand for paintings was comparable with the excitement of the «Tulip fever» and led to incredible demand for the profession of the painter. According to official statistics of the time one person out of thousands is quite professionally mastered the brush, took orders for execution of portraits and sold their work through small galleries or auctions.

Leyden talent

A fragment of the painting «School teacher»./ Photo: greatartists.supervie in the financial world, the painting becomes the subject of investment. Even the poor wanted to have a painting to decorate the sparse interior of their homes, saving on food for the sake of art. Just one fact to tell about this city. As a reward for the resilience and fortitude shown by the citizens during the Spanish siege of (1573-1574.), Leiden was given the choice between the construction of the walls of the University and exemption from taxes. Leiden chose a University, not money! The walls of this «Alma mater» studied Rembrandt and Jan Steen. (In the list of names of graduates and instructors of the University are also listed as B. Spinoza, R. Descartes, Enrico Fermi, Einstein). Leiden young Prodigy absorbed the need for beauty along with the smell of fish and sea, cleverly making their way to school in the bustling city crowd, scurrying between shops, Marina, art and craft workshops. After graduating from high school, young Jan Steen plunged into entrepreneurship. He brews beer in a brewery, serves ham and herring guests in his tavern. But, apparently, from the fate not go away. Leaving behind the life of the young bourgeois, energetic fun-loving young man leaves strongly Leiden for the sake of learning the craft of the painter in Utrecht and the Hague.

Merry Mocker

A fragment of the painting «self Portrait with lute»./ Photo: greatartists.Gyan is not shy to insert self-portraits in his genre scenes. His lips laughing face can be seen in the images of the doctor, holding the hand of the afflicted patient («Patient and doctor»), cheerful profligate («Revelers»), satisfied lover («self-Portrait with a lute»). In addition to good-natured ridicule, Jan Steen never lost an opportunity of artistic «to grumble» at the times and customs, generously using simple objects in the composition as symbols and allegories. The painting «Beware of intemperance!»./ Photo: smallbay.ruFragment «Beware of intemperance!»./ Photo: smallbay.gik example, the company fun spending time residents («Beware of excess!») surrounded by such things as a crutch and an empty wallet, foreshadowing the lovers of the feasts the loss of health and well-being as a result of bad habits. And sitting on the shoulder of one of the characters duck, predicts the worst similarity of the sound of the sound of words eind (end) and eend (duck). The harsh approach!

Simple pleasures

Fragment «Baker, Astward and his wife, Catarina»./ Photo: curiator.comodato Ian Wall, where the sarcasm is in retreat. Ironic painter like a big kid enjoying the warm sun and enjoying a fascinating game in the fresh air («the Players of skittles at the hotel»). Cozy simplicity simple pleasures, borrowed from nature, makes the Mocker, a reformatory, a rake and a wit in a man who loves life in all its manifestations.

The truth and nothing but the truth

A fragment of the painting «the toilet of women.»/ Photo: greatartists.giv atmosphere written stories with his head immersed, the «speaking» parts. Here, for example, the picture of a pretty young woman is going to sleep in his bedroom («toilet women»). In detail pry marks on the legs tight socks beauties, potty, touching affection to the dog, which is allowed to lie directly on the owner’s pillow. The painting presents a full report about life and cute weaknesses. On one canvas the wizard does not find the embellishments of reality. A clear, mocking eyes of the painter looks at the world with inquisitive, ironic and expressed in brilliant compositional solutions.Remembering Dutch artists, they do not remember and 7 facts about Vincent van Gogh — the artist, sold during his life in just one picture.

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