The experts recognized Irish dancing the most useful in the world

It is believed that Irish dancing appeared in the XI century. The first mention of them is found in the song sources. In the Irish ballads are often sung dance party of the peasants. But dancing in them is not really described.

Quite lengthy, though not too accurate, feature Irish dancing is in some works of the XVI century. From this it is clear: Irish dances are divided into a group that includes long, in which participants dance opposite each other in long lines, and round where to perform the motion relies in pairs, standing in a circle. Private view — dancing with swords.
The first thing that draws in Irish dancing — originality. All the movements here are performed on the toes, the body must remain perfectly flat, the arms are supposed to relax, to lower. The most hard working feet. To learn Irish dancing as much fun as to enjoy their performance.

However, originality is still not the main advantage of Irish dancing. Their relevance is determined by three factors. This is an opportunity without time consuming visits to expensive gyms to work on the figure, find new friends, to relax and open up.

The main conditions for beautiful, stylish performance Irish dance — good posture, strong leg muscles, excellent body control. The dancers then move smoothly and freely unfold the shoulders, the back is always kept straight, head high up.

Irish dancing is a huge variety of movements that can surprise and amaze the viewer. In the pursuit of entertainment, many students rush to complete the basic level and begin to recapture the original step, which is performed in special shoes.

To observe the dancers, who masterfully know how to follow steps — great fun. Especially when they are dancing not alone, and solemnly be facing each other in long rows or pairs and holding hands, moving in a circle. Only then you can feel the coherence, attractiveness and vitality of the movements.

The most noticeable difference between Erina dances from other music. In Oriental dance you can relax to the soothing sounds of, Latin — ignite under the bright songs in ballroom dancing — circle under the noble sounds. Irish dancing is subject to completely different in nature to Celtic motifs.

Learn to move harmoniously under the kind of music that will instantly forget about the extra weight: an hour whirling in the merry dance of «eating» 1000 calories. The Irish believe dancing cure any disease, an excellent way to relieve muscle tension, elevate mood, show creative potential, to improve not only physical fitness but also mental abilities.

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