«The hat-wear your» What hat is the Queen of England and her family

«The hat-wear your» What hat is the Queen and members of her family, Britain is a country of traditions, and its inhabitants are very conservative. The commitment of the British to its traditions and legends. No matter how varied fashion, and no matter how many years, hats have always been, are and will be popular among the English and among women and among men. And set the hat fashion is, of course, the Queen.

Royal Ascot

The climax of the traditional commitment of the British aristocrats hat dress code are conducted annually to Royal Ascot. The winners will be awarded the Queen that never misses. Headgear for ladies at this event is mandatory, as well as for gentlemen of the cylinder. Take them throughout the event will not be permitted.The Queen is the head of the family at the races, Royal Ascot, 2017William and Kate at the racesHorse racing Royal Ascot. June 2014.

The official ceremony

Hats are also mandatory attribute of all the official events held in Britain, it is unlikely in British society will deem them to complete if attending them ladies would be without the cap. Required by the Protocol.So, following the traditions of the British monarchy, for the first time in many years appeared in the hat Spanish Queen Letizia, during a visit to Britain in the summer of 2017.

One of the symbols of Britain.

Princes William and Harry in hats, bowler hats. | Photo: fashionstime.EN.This men’s hat on the right symbolizes true British style, with its inherent elegance and gentility. Style that’s got a lot of fans and followers around the world. The style, reflecting the essence of a true English gentleman. England bowler until the 1960-ies remained an integral part of the official ceremonies. And it can now be found in London – they go to the guards when they change into civilian clothes. Sometimes the princes following in this tradition.

«A hat like a crown, should be worn with dignity!«

Royal personage of the status should wear hats. In addition, Elizabeth is very fond of them and knows how to wear, and she does it with Royal dignity. In public Queen almost never appears without a hat, which is always carefully selected in accordance with the ongoing event, perfectly complementing her outfit. And each time a hat on it – new. The Royal collection of hats is enormous – about 5 thousand pieces. «I must be the only person in the world who wears a hat constantly, «said Elizabeth.More than a quarter century hats for the Queen did Philip Somerville.Philip Somerville 2014 main Royal Hatter is a Rachel Trevor-Morgan. Rachel Trevor-Morgan.But regardless of who makes them, the Queen always looks elegant in them.Throughout the reign of the hats of Queen Elizabeth II looked different, and interesting to see their dynamics. Young Elizabeth in accordance with the fashion prefer a small model with a narrow fields, not covering the face or even borderless. 1954-1965.1967-1973. With age hats are growing in size, many of them quite unusual shape.1979-1995.1996-2005 Now in the wardrobe of the Queen’s hats are of medium size, and she always picks up in tone with the costume. When choosing a style is also taken into account the fact that the hat should tightly cover the head to avoid embarrassment.But even in old age, Elizabeth continues to experiment, appearing sometimes in hats rather unusual shape. 2008-20122012-20152015-2017

Meghan Markle

Now it was the turn of Megan Markle to learn court etiquette and hat dress code of the British aristocrat. And at the Christmas service of the American bride of Prince Harry have appeared in the hat, although it is unusual and she felt it is not quite comfortable.But what can you do have to get used to. England is England…the Queen has another weakness — favorite breed of dog. And even a photo of Queen Elizabeth II and her adorable Corgi can’t not bring a smile.

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