The hole in my heart and a lady without a head: She creates a creepy body art illusions

Transformation Mirjana Milosevic.36-year-old Mirjana Milosevic from Serbia recognizes that her parents always argued, if they started to draw even before I could walk. She has no professional education in drawing, however, it is a occupation the girl made his life’s work — and I must admit that she’s doing great!Makeup Mirjana from Serbia. Instagram kikastudio.*Hole in the soul.* Instagram kikastudio.Makeup *No head*. Instagram kikastudio.Milosevic Mirjana (Mirjana Milosevic) also known as just Kika. It deals not only with bodibildingom, but also draws graffiti and murals and it is often invited to do makeup for film or videos.The illusion of September. Instagram kikastudio. Work Mirjana on the other person. Instagram kikastudio.Illusion from Mirjana Milosevic. Instagram kikastudio.Interestingly, the push to promote his hobby as a private business Mirjana gave birth to a son. She admits that after she had her baby, she realized what it wants to do and has devoted his time to improving skills. Now Mirjana’s two sons, and she is known at home as the best artist for children. *Other mother* cartoon *Carolina*. Instagram kikastudio.Here is a twist! Instagram kikastudio.That’s how the girl looks without makeup. Instagram kikastudio.Later she became interested in make-up and bodypainting, focusing on a variety of illusions that can be created with the help of makeup. She even won several awards as the best make-up artist, and also won the prize as best video blogger on her YouTube channel you can see many of her works, ready and the process of their creation. Make-up on Halloween. Instagram kikastudio.Wasp waist. Instagram kikastudio.Work Mirjana invited to model. Instagram kikastudio.Mirjana likes to change their images, even when not using makeup. Instagram kikastudio.Mummy. Instagram kikastudio.Image for Halloween. Instagram kikastudio.Pop art zombie. Instagram kikastudio.Chucky. Instagram kikastudio.Snake. Instagram kikastudio.No less creepy body art creates Lara Wirth, who is only 16 years old.
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