The pair abandoned the office life in favor of Instagram and have never regretted it

Travel bloglove «work» and «routine» for the youth of today cease to be synonyms. Hannah Spelt and Nick Noordik pair on the example shows that office life with «9 to 17» is a great alternative. And this alternative is travel. The guys have traveled half the world, and doing what they tell about his travels.The couple transformed the journey into the main occupation.Travelers share their impressions about what they had experienced, on the website of the Salt in our Hair. They started with a normal page in the network Instagram, and now it is a solid brand. To construct it, took three years. Initially, the pair has combined a regular job with a social network, and after it became clear that contacts with other bloggers, journalists and sponsors becoming more and more. At some point the guys decided that they were ready to give up other types of employment and to make blogging a dream job, which they are ready to engage in full-time employment. Travel around the world.About their experience the couple said in an interview with the online edition of My Modern Met. So, the decision to devote the life journeys they have taken after a 4-month trip with a backpack to different countries, during which they had 5 thousand subscribers. To the brand grew, they decided to continue to travel. The trip was so interesting, that to give is not wanted, and the couple had two more ambitious goals for attracting new subscribers.The couple travels to different countries on a motorcycle.Hannah and Nick tried to travel by bike and realized how many new places they can look compared to organized tour groups. Then we made the final choice in favor of independent travel. Balloons over Cappadocia.The lavender fields.One of the most vivid impressions was a short two-week trip to Cappadocia. Turkey won the hearts of the children, and watch as the sky at dawn soar balloons, it was very interesting. Travel around the world.Such a nomadic life has many advantages, but there are difficulties. First, Hannah and Nick’s dream to create a full family, but not yet ready to settle down in one place and to buy property. Secondly, they are not immediately able to distinguish between work and relationships, because in the blog they shared personal observations, experiences, feelings. And indeed they knew: yet the laptop is not turned off, both continue to work.Travel around the world.Despite the fact that behind a lot of countries, travelers dream to visit Japan. Their last trip took place in Oman, and they were impressed. After trips they are back home in the Netherlands, working to create content about three weeks, and then again getting on the plane. The next point on the map – Iceland, where they will spend 12 days.Travel around the world.Travel around the world.Travel around the world.Travel around the world.Travel around the world.Travel around the world.The social network has long ceased to just be fun. For a photographer self-taught Lorette bat Instagram — a dream jobthat allows you to do what you love, traveling to different parts of the world.According to the website
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