The Princess Maria Tenisheva — the patron and the artist admired Repin and Turgenev, but did not recognize relatives husband

Maria Klavdievna Tenisheva./ Photo: postila.givse life of Maria Tenisheva Klavdievny proceeded away from the capitals, and relatives of the husband even did not want to include her in the family tree. But she created around herself the centre of attraction for the most talented individuals and has played in the history of Russian art an important role.

Complete freedom

Maria Tenisheva in childhood./ Photo: babiki.Gina light Mary appeared in 1858 in St. Petersburg. Her childhood was spent without a father, and in principle, parental love, the little girl was missing. Later she would write in his memoirs about how he was lonely and neglected child, as she had single-handedly solve the problems and come to different conclusions without the help of adults. Her interest in the paintings was evident from an early age. As soon as the house became quiet, she carefully sneak into the living room and admired the beautiful. Mary herself called art his «friends». Every picture the girl was considered very carefully — some paintings of her frightened, others, very pleased and liked. But in the living room hung a most interesting, there was also a favorite painting of the Academy of arts — the painting, which depicts fallen asleep in the chair beside the dressing table lady. The table was decorated with fine lace, and most of the furniture was a lot of interesting things and wanted to take up to get a closer look. Designer Maria Klavdievna Tenisheva./ Photo: newsland.compose the woman on the train of her skirt, located the dog that never slept, and faithfully guarded his owner. There were other paintings that caught the attention of girls, stirred her imagination, touched to the depths and beckoned somewhere in the distant, but very beautiful place. In moments of pleasure the beauty in her mind flashed many thoughts, there were a lot of questions, but she called Tenisheva this watch is happy.In the eyes of little Mary, the artists were people of very smart and special, kind and good compared to others, but otherwise they were able to create such beauty that even the paintings looked alive and real. In the 16 years she was married to a man who left no trace in history, we only know that his name was Raphael Nikolaev Nikolaevich. The marriage was short-lived, which is hardly surprising, because the purpose of marriage was freedom that previously practiced often. Teacher Maria Klavdievna Tenisheva./ Photo: es-kiz.GMO your Sienna Tenisheva wrote: neat, blond and tall, he was 23 years old. Before the wedding they met a few times, and then he made her an offer. When Mary asked questions about her feelings for Rafaela if she loves him, her answer was evasive. She had no idea what love is, but I love this man his dream. He seemed like a good and decent man, but what was more attracted to him, so it’s a symbolism of freedom, which he showed to her. Quick marriage has brought and motherhood. Shortly after the birth of his daughter Maria together with her went to Paris, where will be trained vocal Mathilde Marchesi. After that she will return home, where he will meet with Tenisheva Vyacheslav Nikolaevich. They were married in 1892, and even this year, her life will start with a new sheet.

Welcome to new life

Portrait of Prince V. N. Tenisheva, hood. Leon Bonn./ Photo: izbrannoe.Sosnovy Mary’s husband, Prince Tenishev, was a major businessman-industrialist, so the lack of Finance didn’t know. For the bride it looked nice and money is not spared. In his memoirs, described in detail Tenisheva wedding trip, the couple went on a personal boat. Prince bestiary «Accursed beast,»: box «Fish.»/Photo: orloffmagazine.comas a true connoisseur of beauty, she paints described the area, which they had to swim. After the official marriage, the new husband gave his beloved estate in Orel province, where Maria for the first time will experience yourself as a philanthropist.Maria Tenisheva Ilya Repin./ Photo: mgorskikh.soums will open a single-class school, a canteen, a vocational school and club workers at iron, rail, mechanical and Bezhitsk steel plant. It is worth to mention that the couple Tenishevs have organized their life outside the capitals not only at their own request. Prince bestiary «Accursed beast,»: box «Owl.»/Photo: orloffmagazine.cardsfunny Tenisheva in any did not admit his love, which in their eyes was the «bride and divorcée». For this reason Maria and was not included in their ancestry. But despite the fact that cailfornia life for her was closed, she has created her personal center of gravity.

Center for the arts

Artist Maria Klavdievna Tenisheva./ Photo: es-kiz.hybosorinae life of Mary is not to say that her dialogue occurred among the Steelworkers — she was surrounded by the Bohemian elite of those times. Among the latter were Milyutkin, Benois, Vasnetsov and Vrubel. Just a year after the wedding, Vyacheslav Tenishev gives his beloved wife and even the village Talashkino, which is located 20 km from the city of Smolensk. In Planova, 1.5 km from Talashkino, Maria will open creative workshops for which the husband will call her «Martha-Governor’s wife». Philanthropist Maria Klavdievna Tenisheva./ Photo: es-kiz.guacala Nikolaevich always spoke of his wife as the Creator of all manifestations. About their warm feelings for Tenisheva told and Turgenev, who in one of the conversations admitted that she regretted of late to her meeting, because inspired by it, he could write an interesting story. The confessions itself Tenisheva, open art studios was dictated by its desire to create a place where everyone could study the works. Maria Tenisheva posing for the sculptor P. P. Trubetskoy./ Photo: es-kiz.Gina West at that time this area was actively developed, but not in Russia, which very much upset Mary. Therefore, its activity was exclusively missionary character. She wanted the world to see the creations not only foreign artists but also the masterpieces of her countrymen, who hitherto have not had the opportunity to actively promote their works. As Tenisheva herself was a recognized artist-amalura, that was the direction of the primary studied in her workshops. Prince bestiary «Accursed beast,»: box «Duck»./Photo: orloffmagazine.chromosomal pair with One, her assistant artist, they got more than two hundred tons of enamel. Such quantity of materials allowed to elevate enamel painting to the level of the oil. For his services, Tenisheva was among members of the large and respected foreign societies of artists. Maria is also famous as a collector. Among her interests included solely objects of Russian antiquity. Narrow interests have allowed her to achieve in this field of considerable successes. The interior of the house in Talashkino./ Photo: mgorskikh.crush and, of course, not to mention the charity, which was also a favorite pastime Tenisheva. As she recalls, she liked to take an active part in the Affairs of their friend Keith. Somehow, the latter decided on the opening of the school Charter, but the question arose with the room. Prince bestiary «Accursed beast,»: box «Swan»./Photo: orloffmagazine.astrofest would take a lot of time, nothing matched the number of already finished buildings was not. At the end of the Tenishevs the estate was the house that after the abolition of hunting has long been abandoned. It was the perfect solution to open educational institutions. Women quickly created and delivered manuals and desks. Collector Maria Klavdievna Tenisheva./ Photo: es-kiz.iProcess was very fast, the students do not have to wait long. In a short time they managed to recruit 30 people willing to learn. Readily drawn to teaching boys and girls why-that were afraid to lure them was problematic. If one of them came, more than a week did not stay. Prince bestiary «Accursed beast,»: box «Rooster»./Photo: orloffmagazine.compreview creativity, women managed to find the approach to them — they just organized a crafts class. Had bought a lot of cotton, from which the young seamstress learned to cut beautiful sundresses. And it worked, but for the time being. As soon as the sundress was ready — a student disappearing again. However, women did not give up.

The opening of the Museum

Portrait of Maria Tenisheva, hood. V. A. Serov./ Photo: the early twentieth century, near the estate Tenisheva, the opening of the Museum «Smolensk the old days.» For him, the building was constructed, which was designed based on folk tales. For example, patrons in 1911 Maria gives his collection in the possession of the state. In honor of this event Tenisheva personally produced enameled dish, which left a memorable inscription. Museum of Maria Tenisheva in Smolensk./ Photo: izbrannoe.Sosa good deeds of Maria Tenisheva, the head of the Moscow archeological Museum — Alexander Uspenskiy — publicly spoke out with words of thanks in her honor. Unfortunately, Tenisheva had to experience for yourself the traditional boorish attitude on the part of officials. As soon as she ceased to be a «hostess» and possessive attitude towards her quickly changed. The exposition of the Museum Tenisheva in Smolensk./ Photo: miloserdie.Gia had to defend their rights, even in very small ways. In the example of Mary herself told the story with a telephone line. Prior to installation at the Smolensk state telephone, she had a message between Smolensk and estate in Talashkino. In 1894, after the installation of the telephone network, Tenisheva, as a charity, gave to the use of the state your phone line and is included in the wire telephone. The Museum’s exhibits Tenisheva in Smolensk ./ Photo: miloserdie.dipole it was directed that the request for reduction of fees for connection, and on receiving permission to install the second private telephone, which was five times cheaper than the breech. On the background of the amount of charity on the part of Mary, this request was minuscule. However, in a reverse letter officials have made clear that no benefits for the citizens is not provided. The fact that the phone, which has been discussed, literally in recent times was in the possession of Mary, of course, were not taken into account.

The Emperor was satisfied

Nicholas II with his wife, children and retinue in Smolensk./ Photo: izbrannoe.soma, its shops and museums, meanwhile, was gaining more and more popularity. In 1912, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the victory over French Emperor Napoleon, the Museum «the Smolensk antiquity» was honored by the visit of the Emperor himself. An event of this scale, of course, shocked the local intelligentsia. This is evidenced by found archival letters of those times. Sculpture Of Maria Tenisheva Klavdievny./ Photo: izbrannoe.saludi shared with your relatives experienced emotions from what he saw the Emperor in person and so close. And Nicholas himself recorded in his journal the impressions that he had been the city. He liked its location, the local beauty of the mountainous terrain and, in General, his review of the journey was very positive. The trip, the Emperor was satisfied.

The last few years…

The tomb of Princess M. K. Tenisheva in the cemetery of La Celle Saint-cloud./ Photo: vkononov.geek 1919 husband of Mary Tenisheva already died, and she left Russia, fleeing in the company of her friend and faithful assistant in Paris, where he wrote his memoirs. In the suburb of Saint-cloud, in 1928, she was gone. Then Bilibin in his obituary wrote: «she was devoted to her native Russian art that made a never-ending lot.» BONUSSketch portrait of M. K. Tenisheva, hood. Repin/ Photo: izbrannoe.comAnd Maria Tenisheva rightfully included in the list of the 6 most stylish ladies of the Silver age, which drove men crazy .

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