The promotion of suicide, disrespect for the fathers and other sins, which I blame Astrid Lindgren

The promotion of suicide, disrespect for the fathers and other sins, which I blame Astrid Lindgren.Lindgren is one of the most famous children’s writers in Europe. Magical tales and adventures of an ordinary village children, stories sad and mischievous — little reader will definitely find something to your taste. From the pages of her books comes some special kindness, love for humanity. Surprisingly, there are a large number of parents and even the whole parent movement, who believe that children should be protected from Lindgren’s novels. Bad, like, taught.A list of claims affects the length of the claim — contents. Attention cannot pass any remotely popular book the storyteller. Went and Pippi and Emil I lönneberga, and Ronia, the daughter of a robber, and Rasmus-tramp, and certainly Carlson.Astrid Lindgren with the role of Pippi Longstocking.

Disrespect to the fathers

Ronya quarrel with Matthis because he’s hot-tempered and not able to appreciate either their own life or someone else’s. In addition, he often does silly things, very childish, and mother Roni have to settle. Father Peppi, the captain of the ship, appears only to skirt on the naked body to tumble and jump with children of primary school age. Father Emile, a simple peasant, greedy funny (or sad) and narrow-minded. The kid’s dad Svante svantesson of living in the same house barely participates in the son’s life — so, a Ghost with a tube somewhere in the background of exciting adventures with Karlsson.Yes, all these characters are considered dropping the high rank of the father, forming unflattering performance in children of fathers in General and lead, as they claim to be the guardians of a sacred image of the Pope, to the fact that children more than fathers can not respect as a class.The storyteller does not reveal the role of the father in the Baby’s life.As for children, they are not so spoiled yet in an essay on «the Image of the lyrical hero in the romantic novel of the author» and see just a regular dad, adults with the right to error, with different characters and, to be frankly, it is quite common defects.

Promoting running away from home

Ronya runs away from home, a serious quarrel with his father-robber, along with his friend Birk. Together they live in the caves among wild animals and local evil magical creatures. Rasmus runs away from the orphanage, fearing punishment and desperate to wait for someone who wants to adopt him. He is nailed to the tramp Oscar, who makes his living by singing mournful songs. Needless to say, a good role model for a child!The scene from Swedish film about the Rasmus-tramp, the boy who ran away from the orphanage and became friends with a strange man.However, where an adult can see for yourself the outrageous fact of the escape, the child reads about an exciting adventure, and about all the dangers that await children outside the home. Ronya with Birk miraculously not dying when they are attacked like the people of a giant bird, and almost fall down a waterfall. They constantly face the question of where they take food and the simple things of life and how to survive in the cold. Rasmus faced with the fact that the world is cruel, life requires money, and some adults, is dangerous.

Children often do not listen to adults

Of course, champion fly-away have a Lindgren — Pippi Longstocking. Is a girl of nine years, which is a fabulously strong and also fabulously wealthy, she lives alone in a Villa and not go to school. When adults begin to teach her the right way to live, it is asking awkward questions, trying to understand the logic of the infinite system of prohibitions. But other children-characters from Astrid, are unruly. Emil always does something wrong, causing adults much trouble. Ronya and Rasmus, as we remember, ran away from home. Baby Svante constantly violates the prohibitions, going on about Karlsson. All this, believe the proponents of morality, encourages children to act boldly.Birk and Ronya, the children of robber chieftains, ran away from home after I saw how little value human life of their fathers.In fact, the child constantly watches the causal connection between the actions of little heroes and future developments. In this sense, the story Lindgren even the classically-edifying. Pranks Emil and the other guys constantly put in an awkward situation and the characters themselves, and their loved ones. That’s because, by the way, Kid Svante over time refers to the antics of Karlsson all anxious and bored. It is not only the fear of punishment, he sees that Karlsson often causes people inconvenience and disappointment (although some of his jokes are completely harmless). «Unpunished» goes only peppy, but it’s the girl who can lift a horse, the children would like to be friends with her, but don’t think it is exactly the same as they are.Sometimes children in the books, showing disobedience, in the end, wins. Because adults too can be wrong and make mistakes. In such cases, the characters do not gloat. They put up with their loved ones, and friends also don’t hold grudges on children, recognizing that the fight was not canceled love. Pretty healthy description of how the can pass the conflict and after it continue to live under the same roof.A peasant boy Emil is always something comes up that sometimes backfires for him and his family.Generally in the books of Lindgren, all children behave very childish. In many of the Soviet books for children and adults constantly seem to change roles. Children should care about the feelings and needs of adults, constantly understand more them down and comforting. Small characters in Lindgren’s almost always in communication with adults remain in their children’s roles. Even such independent and do not recognize the rules as Pippi Longstocking.

Children catch criminals and advocating suicide

Special claim opposers Lindgren to how often children are nose-to-nose with all sorts of crooks and every time they win. Pippi cope with thieves, Baby and Svante Karlsson — rogues the Fill and Roullet, helps adults cope with the robbers and the orphan Rasmus and Kalle Blomkvist and his friends do not accidentally, but consciously confront dangerous criminals. What’s wrong with that? Critics believe that such stories give young readers a false sense of confidence. And this can lead to a dangerous situation.Astrid Lingdren with the performers Tag and Roni and directed the film about their adventures.In fact, children like stories in which their peers are overcome by the threat of uncles, precisely because children are well aware of how they themselves are weak and helpless. In addition, the Scandinavian rational Lindgren clearly tell the difference between fantasy and realistic stories. Children handle themselves only where there are magical creatures, like superstrong Pippi and the flying Troll Carlson. And Rasmus and Kalle with a company in need of adult assistance to deal with criminals. This despite the fact that they are very active!But the weirdest claim is the assumption that Lindgren glorifies suicide. As arguments critics cite the scene from «the Brothers Lionheart» and the story about Pippi.In the first book one of the brothers decided to give his life to his younger brother during the fire survived. However, the baby is doomed anyway — he was ill with tuberculosis and dies. The brothers find themselves after death in a magical world and know that if you die again, then just move on to the next world.In the story about the brothers, nicknamed the lion Heart, someone spotted a promotion of suicide.One of the interpretations of this story is that the book is written for terminally ill children, and for those who believe that through their own fault died another child. This book is consolation. And the adventure turns it from the usual tales from the adults in the story you want to read.Pippi in the last scene of his adventurous eats a magic pill to never grow and not to grow up. Scene is very sad, almost tragic. Apparently, therefore, some adults believe that Pippi took poison.Children perceive the scene is not so fatalistic. First, by their attention does not pass, that pill was peppy most similar to a vitamin. Second, the tragic scene for them is that a magic pill does not work. Pippi will grow, because it is inevitable. This is a little farewell of the young readers with the most carefree part of your life. Ahead — adolescent period, with its wars for popularity and new requirements.Perhaps rebel Astrid Lindgren, naughty girl who conquered the world of children’s books, just infuriates critics as a person? And really, what could give children a grandmother who climbs on trees, because there is no law against it?Text: Lilith Mazikina

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