The Russians took the song of the Russian entry the Eurovision song contest-2018 Yulia Samoilova

8 to 12 may in Lisbon will host the prestigious music competition Eurovision-2018. From Russia this year on it will be Yulia Samoilova. For this contest, she has prepared a song called «I Won’t Break», filled with meaning. No details on what exactly will be the program of the Russian participants has not been disclosed.
Thus on the First channel decided to lift the veil of secrecy and said that the main idea will be the birth of faith, love and life. Song that will sound at a music competition was first introduced on television during the Sunday issue of the television program «Time».
In a press-service of the First channel quoted the words of Yuri Aksyuta, who is the chief producer of entertainment and music projects on the main channel, and heads the Russian delegation at the Eurovision song contest-2018. He said that everybody expects only the best from the upcoming music event that is very popular among the spectators of the Russian Federation. He said other expectations can not be, because Russia, the contest is going great performer with a beautiful room and a good song, filled with meaning.
To create songs for the musical contest was the team of specialists from different countries. It includes: Arieh Burstein, Neta Nimrodi and Leonid Gutkin. It should be noted that they are already last year worked on the song for Samoilova. During your interview Gutkin said that this song is about the power of the spirit of the singer, which is an inspiration to many fans. He also told me about used the image of a sand castle, which at first glance seems fragile, but in reality, not inferior in strength to the rock.
Work on creating a video for the song was conducted under the guidance of Director Alexey Golubev, and he instructed the responsible work in the production room Samoilova for competition in Lisbon. It should be noted that similar experience of the Director have been – he put the number for the Eurovision song contest held in Vienna. Then in the musical contest were singer Polina Gagarina.
This year Eurovision is held in Portugal. The venue for this international music competition and chose the arena Parque das Nacoes in Lisbon. The first and second semi-finals to be held respectively on 8 and 10 may. The final competition is scheduled for may 12.
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