The second world war through the lens of the war correspondents: the Last days of Nazi Germany

The last days of Nazi Germany through the lens of war correspondents.»This day we approached, as could», — line of one of the most popular Soviet songs would make a fine epigraph for this collection of photos. For each frame, and the fate of the world, saved from the Nazis, and the fate of the individual who find themselves on one side or the other of the barricades. For us, contemporaries, these photos should be a reminder of what must never happen again.

1. The fire bombers

Gaps anti-aircraft shells near the bombers b-17 over Austria.

2. Destroyed Dresden

The view from the roof of Dresden’s town hall after the bombing of the city by Allied forces.

3. Allies

Soldiers of the 3rd U.S. army in Koblenz. Germany, 18 March 1945.

4. The Breakthrough Of The Siegfried Line.

Soldiers of the 7th U.S. army rush into the breach in the Siegfried Line.

5. Church service

The first Jewish religious service to the East of the Ruhr in memory of the fallen soldiers.

6. The Meuse-Rhine operation

American soldiers landing on the boat stepping up the Rhine under the fire of German soldiers.

7. Death through a telescopic sight

Unknown American soldier killed by German sniper.

8. Surviving Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral in the centre of the ruined city.

9. Pows

American soldier of the 12th armored division next to a group of captured soldiers.

10. The picture was taken four days before the suicide of Hitler

Adolf Hitler awards the members of the Nazi youth organization Hitler youth.

11. Underground Junkers factory

Assembly line fighter Heinkel He-162 in the underground Junkers factory in Tartane.

12. Meeting on the Elbe

Soviet officers and U.S. soldiers during a meeting on the Elbe in April 1945.

13. A temporary camp for prisoners of war

Taken prisoner by the Germans during the allied advance on Heidelberg

14. Last pockets of resistance

American soldiers at the monument of Battle of Nations in Leipzig.

15. Königsberg operation

Soviet soldiers fighting in the suburbs of Koenigsberg.

16. Among the ruins of saarbrücken

A German officer eats canned food in saarbrücken.

17. Meeting the liberators

Czech woman kissing a Soviet soldier-liberator.

18. Metro new York in the rush hour

The news of Hitler’s death.

19. The day of military glory

British field Marshal Bernard Montgomery reads the Pact of surrender in the presence of German officers.

20. victory day

The celebration of victory day on red square in Moscow. And more photographs the last days of Nazi Germany through the lens of war correspondents. These pictures are really impressive.

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