The time of elegance: luxury ladies fashion photographs of the twentieth century

Actress Ghislaine Arsac. Author: Georges Dambier.While most photographers were shooting, and still shoot the models for the famous glossy magazines in the Studio, George Gamble (Georges Dambier) gave their preference for street shooting. He was taking pictures of pretty girls on the beaches, in cars and on the bustling Paris streets among the people. That is why his fashion photography was always very relaxed, playful and vivid, emotionally…He was born in 1925 in Paris. And, despite the fact that the war came as a surprise to George, carefully studied with well-known at the time of the artist Paul Quant, who drew the posters. Thanks to him, he instilled in himself a sense of beauty, love fashion, glamor, beauty, and decorative. After the war, assistive Willie Rico, he not only discovers the new contemporary art, but also possessed a masterful use of light and shadows in the photos. In fiftieth he gets the chance to publish my first fashion story in the legendary Elle magazine, for which he specially developed his own style of shooting models in the most unexpected circumstances and places. It helped him become one of the most popular photographer of the twentieth century, moving away from the stereotypical Studio shots, created hundreds of stunning pictures in their natural environment, which combined with human, beauty and high fashion photographic art.Social events. Author: Georges Dambier.Press. Author: Georges Dambier.Call me, call me. Author: Georges Dambier.Attention, photo. Author: Georges Dambier.Girlfriend. Author: Georges Dambier.The output of the light. Author: Georges Dambier.Surfing. Author: Georges Dambier.Bold stripes. Author: Georges Dambier.A gondola ride. Author: Georges Dambier.The lady with the dog. Author: Georges Dambier.On the walk. Author: Georges Dambier.Ready for anything. Author: Georges Dambier.Sun. Author: Georges Dambier.Welcome. Author: Georges Dambier.Black and white. Author: Georges Dambier.Tables… Author: Georges Dambier.A bouquet of flowers. Author: Georges Dambier.Walk on the boat. Author: Georges Dambier.Tenderness. Author: Georges Dambier.Elegance. Author: Georges Dambier.Ah, Paris! Author: Georges Dambier.Palma. Author: Georges Dambier.Statue. Author: Georges Dambier.Denis Drank another talented photographer, completely breaking any stereotypes. His works are distinguished by naturalness, sincerity and easy sexuality. Each created the beautiful story dedicated to not only fashion, but also human feelings.Websites and
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