The Ukrainian started her career as a model in the age of 69, due to the fact that his grandson posted a photo of her in Instagram

Galina Gerasimova was the oldest model in Ukraine.Become a model in 69 years – really. Example Ukrainka Galina Gerasimova proves that to start a new life is never too late. A year and a half ago she could not imagine that will pose for the cameras and to walk the catwalk. It all began with a post to Instagram, who posted the grandson of Galina…Post on the network Instagram, which launched the career of Galina Gerasimova.Photo Galina Gerasimova on Instagram posted by one of her grandchildren Ilian. The guy sincerely admires the fact that his grandma (that’s what he calls it) full of energy and looks amazing. During the next family holiday, he took the photo, it Galina posed in a party dress.Interestingly, it was her first photo, posted online, and it immediately became popular. Likes and comments were very much friends Iliana fell asleep grandma compliments. Among those who drew attention to the, was the Manager of one of the most popular women’s magazines. Soon Ilian received a message in which the grandmother was invited to shoot. Galina Gerasimov was taken aback when I heard from the grandson that she became interested in the fashion industry. However, after a few weeks of persuasion, she still decided to try himself in a new role.Galina Gerasimova was the oldest model in Ukraine. Photo: hochu.uaGalina Gerasimova was the oldest model in Ukraine. Photo: Of Galina Gerasimova. Photo: hochu.madebut was more than just successful: Galina behaved naturally in front of the camera, and selected designers images looked at it organically and extravagant. Despite the fact that the woman had never done any modeling, it was clear that working with her a pleasure.Galina Gerasimova feels in front of the camera completely relaxed. Photo: 112.internationalОднажды morning Galina Gerasimova woke up famous: her portraits adorned the covers of glossy magazines in front of her was the planned fashion shows and on TV. For 1.5 years she worked in different roles. In Ukraine it is already even compared with mom Elon musk may. Indeed, both blondes are very good in the shot, and both possess knockout power.Stylish and trendy. Photo: pravda.if.Usama Galina admits that she got a second wind. Prior to this she devoted herself only to the family and now has time to devote time not only to the four grandchildren, but also her professional career. For herself she understood the main thing: retirement is not a sentence, you can be beautiful at any age. Galina day trying on designer outfits, and evening preparing cutlets a family favorite. This is her simple woman’s happiness.Galina Gerasimova on the podium. Photo: hochu.IAV youth Galina many times changed their place of residence: husband was in the military, often had to move until he settled in Kiev. In her youth she was engaged in scientific activity, and with the advent of two daughters and later grandchildren decided it was better to give everything to loved ones.Galina Gerasimova — opening of the fashion industry of Ukraine. Photo: hochu.eigensinn his age Galina Gerasimova wants only one thing: «do Not be afraid to dress up, wear makeup and hairstyles, let yourself be beautiful». She absolutely does not look his age, his secret to longevity believes that loves life and people, trying to have a heart full of kindness, and avoids hostility. Galina Gerasimova with award shows *Says Ukraine*. Photo: TheKiev.CityНедавно Galina starred in the video of the popular Ukrainian musician Alexander Ponomarev. This experience seemed to her too interesting, so it is possible that the model will think about the film career. Although the most daring dream, according to most of Galina, is to participate in one of the fashion shows in Paris. Looking at it, it is not hard to believe, that all conceived will come true.Galina Gerasimova was the oldest model in Ukraine. Photo: hochu.ecstacy, Galina Gerasimova got into the Ukrainian Guinness Book of records as the oldest model. And she is very proud of this achievement. Galina Gerasimova was the oldest model in Ukraine. Photo: surprise.stb.aprimer Galina Gerasimova argues that in 70 years the life only begins, and ahead she’s got a lot of prospects. Another grandma from Vienna has become a model in 95 years. And admittedly, I succeeded!
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