The unconventional first lady of the Soviet Union: Why the appearance of the wives of Khrushchev in Europe caused a stir

The first lady of the two superpowers | Photo: novostivmire.somee call itself the first first lady of the Soviet Union – that Nina Kukharchuk introduced among Kremlin wives tradition, to accompany spouse when traveling abroad and appearing with him in public. However, these emergence abroad in the 1960s, the uproar in the Western press, where the first lady of the Soviet Union called «Russian mother» or «grandmother». Such publications, in which it is presented plain, often appear in our days. Of course, in the background of Jacqueline Kennedy , the wife of Khrushchev did not look as glamorous and stylish, but the journalists leave out of the equation, than it was guided and what was really.Jacqueline Kennedy and Nina Kukharchuk | Photo: iledebeaute.Iskandar has inflamed after in 1961, Nikita Khrushchev and his wife arrived on a visit to Vienna, where he planned talks with U.S. President John Kennedy. And while the two leaders discussed issues of global importance, the journalists were very busy with other problems: they evaluated the appearance of the first lady of the Soviet Union. In the Western media raised an unprecedented noise: photographs with Nina Kuharchuk and Jacqueline Kennedy spread all over the world, spouses of the rulers of the two superpowers was in all the papers, journalists exercised to wit, comparing the wives of Khrushchev and Kennedy. Nina Petrovna was given unflattering epithets: her dress was called a home gown, she herself was criticized for the overweight figure, the lack of hairstyles, makeup and expensive jewelry. It was immediately dubbed the simpleton, «Russian mother» and «universal grandmother».The first lady of the two superpowers | Photo: lady 4-lady.hicontrast in appearance of the two first lady was really striking, however, journalists did not consider the important details that will forced her to look at Nina Kukharchuk quite differently. First, at that time she was twice as old as Jacqueline Kennedy – she was 60 years old. Second, its appearance was marred by the dramatic events that she had experienced, and the birth of four children, and their own beliefs, it has followed all his life.Nikita Khrushchev and Nina Kukharchuk, 1924 | Photo: novostivmire.somnia Kukharchuk was born in a poor peasant family with many children and from childhood was forced to work and do housework to help parents. She has graduated three classes of rural school, then studied another year in high school, when the First world war. Only thanks to a happy coincidence, the girl managed to finish her education at the Mariinsky women’s College, where he taught the children of officials and clergy: helped the intercession of the commander, where he served her father, and help of the Bishop. Nina graduated from 8th grade there and stayed to work as a Secretary.Nikita Khrushchev and Nina Kukharchuk with children | Photo: lady-4-lady.ruNina Kukharchuk with children | Photo: lady 4-lady.giv 1920 Nina Kukharchuk joined the party and started to agitate for the Soviet power in the villages. Soon, she instructed the Department to work with the women of the Communist party of Western Ukraine and taught at the party schools. When they met with Khrushchev, he has already had one marriage and two children. In 1924, their wedding took place with Nina, although officially they had not been painted – the marriage is registered only in 1965 After she graduated from the Communist Academy. Krupskaya in Moscow, and then became a lecturer in political economy at Kiev party school.The family of Nikita Khrushchev | Photo: operkor.wordpress.somatropin protection Khrushchev Colonel Kuzovlev said: «Nina was very strict and frugal woman. The staff of indentured servants and even the children were not afraid of her husband, but was in awe of her. Silent, but extremely demanding – guards, cooks and drivers called it «the Box«.The two heads of state with spouses | Photo: informburo.dn.uaThe first lady of the USSR and the President of the United States | Photo: iledebeaute.give of the Second world war in the evacuation Nina graduated from English language courses, she also is fluent in Ukrainian, Polish and French and was well versed in matters of the economy. The same foreign journalists who criticized her appearance, noted that with the Americans she spoke without a translator, moreover, unlike her husband, had good manners and knew how to maintain a civilized conversation. The two heads of state with spouses | Photo: novostivmire.comThe first lady of the two superpowers | Photo: novostivmire.somoneone she could afford and chic outfits and expensive jewelry. But it was not in her nature, and besides, her behavior was and ideological background: wife of the General Secretary of the party had to demonstrate to the people that she lives as simply as all other Soviet people, and not to flaunt their wealth. Besides, she was raised that social work was for her a far greater importance than his own appearance. So even at the meeting with representatives of the Western political elite wife Khrushchev did not consider it necessary to wear expensive clothes and do my hair and makeup. Do not forget about a rough childhood and a peasant family, where she grew up Nina Kukharchuk. Of course, Jacqueline Kennedy, who grew up in luxury, was her complete opposite and looked the part.Nina Kukharchuk and Nikita Khrushchev | Photo: back-in-ussr.comNikita Khrushchev with his wife at the meeting with U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower in Washington, D.C., 1959 | Photo: abnews.ruNikita Khrushchev and Nina Kukharchuk | Photo: novostivmire.congrad Western journalists in the 1960s to go into the details of the biography of the wife of Khrushchev. Often forget about them and their Patriotic colleagues, presenting it with plain and uncouth peasant. However, it is hardly possible to say about a woman who knew 5 languages and could hold a conversation on political events. Their worldview and beliefs it tried to convey and children: their daughter Happy graduated from high school with gold medal, studied at the faculty of journalism, worked all his life in the journal «Science and life». Khrushchev’s son Sergei made a scientific career, became a doctor of technical Sciences. When the father was removed from office, he lost his job. In 1991 he was invited to the USA to brown University to lecture on the history of the cold war. There he stayed for permanent residence.The first lady of the USSR, the wife of Nikita Khrushchev | Photo: lady-4-lady.ruNina Kukharchuk | Photo: back-in-ussr.comThe first lady of the USSR, the wife of Nikita Khrushchev | Photo: lady 4-lady.GII hardly Nina Kukharchuk be flattered if it was called as the first lady of the United States: 10 little-known facts about the «style icon» Jackie Kennedy.
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