The unreal universe, or the wonderful world of surrealism

The inevitable fall, or the flight of thought. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Welcome to the wonderful world of surrealism, born of endless fantasy by canadian artist Sophie Wilkins (Sophie Wilkins). Thanks to his talent, creative thinking and specific point of view, she creates vivid scenes in which can happen anything.Sophie from an early age was interested in drawing. And it is not surprising that after years of experiments, she developed not only her own style and technique of painting. Using acrylic and oil paints in combination with coal dust, she created a remarkable series of works in which he combined surrealism and metamorphism. Invented universe populated by humans and animals, in perfect harmony with each other. Her works are characterized by a unique ability to examine objects and metamorphic point of view, where in fact all just an illusion…Alicia. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Specially to order in Paris. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Boo. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Guardian. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Is one of them. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Meditation. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Chess. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Fish, fulfilling desires. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Tear. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Silence. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Mad Hatter. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Signs. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Animals. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Characters. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Calm. Author: Sophie Wilkins.Heidi Taillefer – another master of surrealism, whose work come to life impressive images, intriguing situations and memorable stories. The series «On the verge of madness» is a perfect example. After all, the artist managed to skillfully combine people and animals with elements of steampunk.Websites, and
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