The «untouchables» in life: the Real story of the heroes of the cult film «1+1»

The real story, which became the basis for the movie «1+1».The film «1+1» was released in 2011 and immediately won the hearts of many viewers worldwide. Life-affirming Comedy about the adventures of an aristocrat in a wheelchair and assistant, a black guy with a criminal past, has melted the hearts of many viewers. Despite the fact that the plot seems too ‘staged’, to be true, the film is based on real events.Still from the film «1+1».The film «1+1» or «untouchables» based on the book by Filippo Pozzo di Borg «Second wind». Filippo became the prototype of the hero – the aristocrat, who led an active life, but was seriously injured and therefore forced to look for an assistant who is willing to help him live a full life even in a wheelchair. Assistant Filippo in real life was Abdel sellou, guy originally from Algeria, who grew up in Paris and was raised by distant relatives, who had no children of her own. By the way, Abdul has also published an autobiography, which was titled «You changed my life» and dedicated to Filippo.Filippo Pozzo di Borg and his assistant Abdel sellou.Despite the fact that Abdel was born in Algeria, he was incredibly lucky: the distant relatives of the French capital took it on education. For a boy, a child almost did not attend, he led a dissolute life, often got to the police for petty theft. Growing up, did not want to work and consisted on the account in the employment center. To get unemployment benefits, took a job came to the interview and requested the refusal of employers.Filippo Pozzo di Borg with his wife.When Abdul saw the announcement that assistant is needed for a paralyzed patient, he did not feed unnecessary illusions and went to the meeting with Filippo with confidence that this one will get the coveted waiver. But everything turned out quite differently. Initially, Abdul was impressed by the house where he was: Filippo was a very wealthy man. Introduction successful: Abdel was employed.Not only companions, but friends.Cooperation Abdul and Filippo quickly evolved from a formal relationship into a real friendship. The assistant began to be interested in books, because paralyzed Filippo spent many hours a day reading. They traveled together, and shared each other’s energy. Filippo taught Abdul-simple, but such important things taught to live by the law and respectful to women. Lessons benefited: Abdel really started the relationship that doesn’t become the rebound, and turned into a strong family.Omar Sy and Abdel sellou.Interestingly, your love Abdel found in Morocco, 10 years later after working with Filippo. In search of a milder climate, Filippo decided to go to this country, and where his ward met a girl that captivated his heart. In their family were born three children, and they are absolutely happy.Still from the film «1+1».After Abdel had my own family, the men parted, but their friendship never waned. Years when Abdel took care of Filippo, were not in vain: men remained close friends. By the way, Filippo also married, and now comes to visit Abdel from time to time. 10 «fruit» of the films that will make you look at the world differently, will appeal to anyone who is tired of everyday life and wants to meet this spring with a new energy.
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