The view from the cab: fascinating video in which nothing happens

The view from the cab: fascinating video in which nothing happens.Popular on YouTube is gaining popularity channel, where published video taken from the cab of the train. Clips gathered is already sufficient. In the video, there is nothing sverhordinarnogo – just the road that lies among beautiful scenery. But the subject is really fascinating and allow at least for a few minutes to escape from the monotony of everyday life.Probably everyone at least once wanted to take a train and go, go, go, considering the rumble of wheels, flashing through the window of the picture. But few people saw it looks like the road from the cab of the train. Now there is a unique opportunity YouTube channel, which contains just such a video. For example, in this video we ride through the picturesque snow-covered Japan.But winter NorwayWelcome to the summerBut looks like the most positive pilot: beauty from Sweden leads instagram directly from the cockpit.
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