The wire people and animals: Sculptures, so similar to computer graphics

Wire sculptures in natural size. Author: Roberto Fanari.The work of Italian sculptor Roberto Fanari (Roberto Fanari) is like computer graphics, but actually it’s wire sculptures made in full size. The objects of his works is not only people animals and trophies, and furnishings of the Victorian era and more.His sculptures are eye-catching, fascinating and charming, but at the same time, some of them frankly frightening. It’s all about technique, because the master is not worse than the legendary Michelangelo, working with wire so delicately that it revived the images of staggering detail and volume, resembling a three-dimensional computer graphics.Portrait of a young boy. Author: Roberto Fanari.Portrait of a girl. Author: Roberto Fanari.Portrait of a teenager. Author: Roberto Fanari.Man. Author: Roberto Fanari.Family. Author: Roberto Fanari.Trophies of animals. Author: Roberto Fanari.His sculptures – a sort of combination of design and graphics. Where the wire instead of the usual pencil that allows him to cause stroke by stroke, deftly adjusting the density depending on the elaboration of every detail. With the help of wire densely superimposed strokes, Roberto easily delineates any contour, allowing for a smooth, beautifully curved lines to determine and adjust the volume, gradually becoming part of the body and the sculptural elaboration of the contours of the face. Be both challenging and entertaining approach to work allows you to play life-size people and animals, often so similar to toy figures. But each way looks so easy, almost weightless and disembodied, as if at any moment can disappear into thin air, like a ghostly illusion.The trophy, made of wire. Author: Roberto Fanari.Boar. Author: Roberto Fanari.The bull’s head. Author: Roberto Fanari.Strict woman. Author: Roberto Fanari.Boy. Author: Roberto Fanari.Openwork lamp. Author: Roberto Fanari.Steel fairies: light and weightless wire sculpturescreated by programmer Robin white, who from the first minutes attract attention, causing delight and admiration. Websites and
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