Tidbits of history: worked As house of tolerance in the Russian Empire

Tidbits of history: worked As house of tolerance in the Russian Empire./ Photo: libraries.oprostite on the territory of Russia before the revolution was legal. For two centuries the country had houses of prostitution. Their work schedule was established exclusively by the authorities.

As authorities struggled with prostitution?

Ladies of easy virtue in public works. / Photo: rebutor.give the end of the 17th century in Russia appeared first brothels. Against their establishment actively fought Peter I. It is claimed that workers at these institutions are the main raznochinny sexually transmitted diseases. His daughter Elizabeth was strongly against prostitutes and mistresses of the brothels. She was called to drive them out of Russia. And give her the rod!/ Photo: fotostrana.Hypo order of Catherine II, all the pimps had to sit in a straight houses for up to six months. Her son Paul I to fight the brothels were punished to send prostitutes to Irkutsk and made them wear dresses of yellow color. It is on this basis distinguished prostitutes from respectable.

When the brothels?

In this building was the most «upscale» brothel of Moscow of the 19th century (hotel «England»).libraries.oodin of the first brothels he founded the Anna Felker, which was called Drezdensa. She decided to bring from Germany a few prostitutes because women were considered more cleanly. Russian brothels: Tomsk, red dress, yellow shoes./ Photo: iarko.Gianna for active development of their business gave bribes to many officials, but soon on its activities learned Empress. Then she was sent to the Peter and Paul fortress. Russian brothels./ Photo: iarko.history to get rid of the brothels, prostitutes come from other countries were deported, and of the inhabitants of Russia were sent into Siberian exile. Unfortunately, such methods of dealing with prostitution has not brought positive results, because the provision of sexual services was interested many, including the wealthy.

When was prostitution legalized?

Almost labor code.During the reign of Nicholas I, the situation changed significantly. Since the number of infected with sexually transmitted diseases increased, and the activities of prostitutes did not stop, he decided to legalize brothels, but on one condition that they will follow the strictest medical and police control. Choose, gentlemen!/ Photo: iarko.Gimeno at this time, the profession of a prostitute was recognized as official, so her income is fully taxed. Three quarters of them were taken away by the brothel owner, and the rest was given to the worker. The head of these institutions was a woman aged 30 to 60 years. Want to work for — get help./ Photo: libraries.apotithemi could be a person whose age exceeded 16 years. To visit the brothels were forbidden to the pupils of educational institutions and to minors. These houses not worked on holidays and Sundays and on Good Friday. It’s the law./ Photo: naotduh.girardeli were far away from educational institutions and temples. On buildings and near them there were no signs. The institutions themselves for a time allowed the placement of the piano. No other games, especially chess, power is not allowed. The brothels were strictly forbidden portraits with the image of royalty.

Behave like prostitutes?

Before going to work. / Photo: batona.netЖенщина involved in the first oldest profession, was required to register with the police. Law enforcement officials took away her passport and instead was given a «yellow ticket». If the prostitute was working illegally, but her activities were discovered by the police, then she was forcibly given a «yellow ticket». For lovers of fine forms./ Photo: batona.netЖенщинам of easy virtue had to undergo a medical examination. To cover her face, they were allowed the use of the veil. In those days, was observed «street» prostitutes, but been more prestigious to work in a brothel. Brothels were also quite a lot. Yeah./ Photo: fotostrana.gioni differed by category. There were brothels for the rich and representatives of the criminal world. Brothels for established people provided many services including the most sophisticated. With regard to public houses for the representatives of the criminal world, they were the cheapest.

Who could become «elite» prostitute.

Moths. / Photo: batona.netКак a rule, in brothels worked with girls and women without education and profession. It was a peasant, petty bourgeois, etc. a Prostitute from a wealthy family was considered «elite», so her master could only be a rich man. A social snapshot./ Photo: fotostrana.history to involve the poor and unemployed girls, the mistress of the brothel they are often favored. Sometimes prostitutes were recruited from the «street». Workers of brothels was named and conceived they changed.And with this picture it is not so simple./ Photo: libraries.OPO, one version, on the film «Unknown» archaeology captured her – dear «blank» prostitute. Supposedly, there is a sign that points that way, free left the place in a wheelchair. It’s a sign «LOOKING for CUSTOMER». And look lady like urges to take the place.Proletarian simplicity./ Photo: naotduh.hypnoticasia was outlawed in 1917, when the Bolsheviks seized power. The CPSU(b)programmers solved this problem with a revolutionary proletarian innocence and simplicity. Ladies of easy virtue in different countries was called differently — courtesan, odalisque, chansung. What fate awaited «vicious ladies of the demimonde» in different countries — in one of our reviews.

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