To the seventh generation: the History of the prominent families who were pursuing doom

The history of famous families, who were pursuing doom.It is believed that famous people when they become idols of millions, get a huge charge of negative energy from ill-wishers and envious. And sometimes their families bear the curse, otherwise how to explain that the relatives of a great man, one after the other go to the light? We have selected the 5 known families, which was something unimaginable.

The Hemingway family – inherited depression

In 1996, 1 July, America was shocked by the suicide of a successful model and actress Margaux Hemingway. The woman, who was only 42 years old, took a lethal dose of sleeping pills. Shortly before that, she acted in the transfer for people who survived the depression, and gave advice to those who fell into the clutches of this cruel disease. And although Margot claimed she was cured and returned to life, the reality was much sadder. Depression won.Ernest Hemingway’s sister Ursula./Photo: cr.middlebury.eduК the case of suicide in the family, Hemingway was not the first. Grandfather of Margo, the world famous writer Ernest Hemingway committed suicide July 2, 1961 at the age of 62 years. He left a posthumous letter, but the family knew that the old ham had suffered from obsessions, fears, pressure surges, bad mood. His granddaughter died exactly 35 years.The writer’s father, Clarence, was very happily married and loved his children. However, knowing that diabetes develops gangrene of the feet, and the only way out – amputation, he shot himself. Diabetes persecuted and brother Ernest, Lester. Lost a leg, he was unable to put up with it and shot himself in the head. Sister of writer, Ursula, when I learned that terminally ill, fell into a deep depression, and then poisoned himself by taking a lethal dose of medication.

The Gandhi family who anger of fate

About the curse of the Gandhi family in India and today is legendary. They say that the violation of caste law was the cause of terrible events stalking the members of this famous family. Indira Gandhi, who became the first Prime Minister of female in India, was the wife of a descendant of immigrants from Iran. Not far behind in the conclusion of «forbidden marriages» and her sons – one (Jr., Sanjay) married a girl from Sikh family, and the eldest, Rajiv – Italian.Indira Gandhi with her sons./Photo: love-psy.genesisthe, what is the matter – in violation of the «caste subordination,» or in political intrigues, but after the order of suppression of unrest among the Sikhs, Indira Gandhi was killed in the attack. The killers were her own bodyguards who profess Sikhism. Sanjay Gandhi crashed during the flight in a sports plane in 1980 and soon after was appointed to the post of General Secretary of the Indian National Congress. Attempts to ascertain whether the catastrophe adjusted or the plane crashed for some other reason, were unsuccessful.Rajiv Gandhi died in 1991, exploded along with the suicide bomber. This terrorist act was a reaction to the invasion of India in Sri Lanka.

The curse of the Kennedy family

Kennedy family can be attributed to one of the most powerful clans of America. But over the presidents, politicians, senators, that is, over all members of the family seemed to be hanging curse. They say that once Joe Kennedy had offended an old Rabbi, and he in revenge put a terrible curse.Joseph Kennedy with son John F. Kennedy./Photo: hsl.digirolamo, Kennedy had serious mental problems, and a desperate father decided to accept the blandishments of the doctor and make his daughter a lobotomy. As a result, in 23 years, rosemary became disabled. Joe Kennedy Jr. died during a flight on a military plane in 1944 from a lightning strike. Death in a plane crash has caught up with Kathleen Kennedy, she crashed on the flight with her fiancé Peter Fitzwilliam in Cannes, and also John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. in 1999.John Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States, was shot dead in November 1963, the murder had a huge impact. And his son Patrick Kennedy died at the age of 2 days. Only the youngest son of John Kennedy, Ted, managed to cheat death. In 1964, while flying on a private jet Senator Ted was in a plane crash, but survived, and in 1969 in a car accident he was able to get out of falling from the bridge into the river of cars and swim. Robert Kennedy, U.S. attorney General and brother of John, was shot dead in 1968, after winning the presidential primary election in California. And his son Joseph Patrick Kennedy was injured in 1973, was in a car accident along with his brother David. Both survived, but David soon died of drug abuse that got hooked due to pain. Ted Kennedy, Jr., nephew of John Kennedy, lost his leg due to osteosarcoma. Another nephew of John, Michael Lemoyne Kennedy died in a collision with a tree at a ski resort.

Bruce Lee and his son

The seventies of the 20th century was the heyday of the fame of Bruce Lee. Beautiful, artistic, perfectly owning martial arts actor was the idol of many. Movie lovers and martial arts was shocked by the news of the death of Bruce July 20, 1973. That could happen with this 33-year-old, perfectly physically developed person? Cause of death was listed as … the tablet of analgesic. Perhaps it contained too high a dose of meprobamate and aspirin, which caused brain swelling. However, many fans of the actor still believe that it is not a cure, and that this tragedy was the handiwork of the envious.Bruce Lee with his son./Photo: re-movie.Girasol the fate of the father is repeated, and the son of Bruce, Brandon, who died during the filming of «the crow» on the day when they filmed the episode of the murder of his hero. Of course, used blank cartridges, and no one was able to explain how the gun got in the plug that caused the death of the young actor. When fired, it went through the stomach of Brandon, causing the son of Bruce Lee died – the bleeding could not be stopped. It happened in 1993.

Family Brando – drugs and alcohol

Another family where there had been a series of tragic events – Brando. Marlon Brando, a Hollywood rebel who was incredibly popular and served as a symbol of his generation. The Daughter Of Marlon Brando./Photo: fishki.netОднако personal life of the actor was not serene. His mother is an alcoholic, who died after failing to overcome the addiction. The first wife of Marlon, Anna Kashfi also abused alcohol and drugs. Married to her guy, a son, Christian, who also became a drug addict. Marlon was married several times, the third marriage was born his daughter Tarita. Her fate was very sad when she was 25 years old, she hung herself. The cause was called schizophrenia. Perhaps the impetus was the story of her lover, who shot Christian, being drugged. For the murder he received a prison sentence and was in prison for 5 years. Christian died of pneumonia aged 49.Today it seems strange, but there are 9 medieval curses, which frightened the book thieves. Say that scared is very effective.

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