Touching retro photos from the second half of the XIX century, depicting a nursing mother with babies

Breast milk is the best food for newborns.Today, the debate continues over whether ethical or unethical to breastfeed in public areas, it is helpful if breastfeeding, or it is better to prefer baby food. But 150 years ago women may be the benefits of breastfeeding do not doubt. In this review, a series of photos depicting nursing mothers of the Victorian era.

1. Two of the casket

A woman breastfeeds at the same time the two twins.

2. Mother’s daughter

Daughter for mom – a great reward.

3. Small lump

Mom tenderly cuddles her child to her breast.

4. A caring mother

A woman with a child poses for the camera, it does not hesitate to feed him.

5. Iranian mom

Love and care for her bloodline.

6. Health

The kid during the meal.

7. For the most precious little man

Breast milk is the best nutrition for the baby.

8. In the land of the rising sun

Feed the baby breast taken for a long time, until the appearance of the next child.

9. Role models

Breast-feeding came into Vogue, especially among wealthy and educated people.

10. A little break

For a kid there is nothing better than mother’s warm caring hands.

11. Young family

After hard work tired, the woman feeds the baby on the porch.

12. Happy mom

Breast-feeding — fun for mom and baby.

13. A little duet

Mom smiles to the child during feeding.

14. Breastfeeding

To breast feed — the duty of every mom.

15. Magical connection

Between mother and child there is a special bond.

16. New trends in fashion

The special bond of mother and baby.

17. Mom is sleeping, she’s tired

Baby from under the breast looks at the sleeping mother.

18. Feminine beauty

Breast milk is a unique food product for babies.

19. Waiting

A lady of high society waiting for the nurse will feed the baby.

20. Twice mom

All the best to the children.

21. A lullaby for the night

Mother beside the cradle enthusiastically feeding baby.

22. The struggle for life

Every drop of breast milk counts for a premature baby.

23. The tradition in the highest circles

Woman posing while breastfeeding.

24. A mother’s love

Great happiness to breast feed.According to the materials of

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