Truth and legends about the beloved wife of Sultan Suleiman: What actually was Roksolana

Roxelana and Suleiman the Magnificent.The whole world knows Roksolana as a person who broke all the stereotypes about women in Islamic society. And despite the fact that her image almost half a Millennium is so popular, there is no single best and indisputable thoughts or her character or about appearances. There is only one assumption — than a simple prisoner could win the heart of one of the most powerful of the Ottoman rulers, Suleiman I the Magnificent… it is a lot of dark spots hides her biography. Probably why all her portraits, painted by artists in those times, contradictory.About this extraordinary woman composed poems, wrote novels and plays; some remembered her tenderly and enthusiastically, others were accused of destroying stereotypes of Islamic society and most of the Ottoman Empire. It is therefore hardly surprising that almost five centuries biography roksolany, fraught with many contradictions and mysteries, so overgrown with legends and fictions.Roksolana. Unknown artist. The beginning of the 16th century.Therefore, to speak objectively about this famous woman is very difficult. Hürrem Haseki Sultan — so it was called in the Ottoman Empire, in Europe it is known under the name Roksolana. The present name is not known. But, based on literary tradition and on the basic version, she was born in the small town of Rohatyn, in Western Ukraine. And because in those days the area was under the poles, Roksolana often called Polish. However, according to official figures, she was an ethnic Ukrainian.And your name included on a century in history, it owes to the Ambassador of the Roman Empire De Busbeke called it in their report «Roksolana», having in mind common in the late 16th century, the name of those places where the Sultana was born — Roksolana. The name «Queen» sounded like «Rossa», «Ross», «Rossana».Roksolana — Hürrem-Sultan.As for the real name, it is still ongoing among researchers heated debates. After all, the primary sources of the 16th century there are no reliable information. Only much later some began to call her Anastasia, the daughter of the priest of Gavrila Lisowski. But some historians believed Alexandra and pole by nationality. Now some researchers often referred to the version of the Russian roots of the great sultans that does not have a good reason. In the slave market.And the most popular version says that around 1520 during one of the raids of the Tatars 15-year-old Anastasio the Lisowska was captured, taken to the Crimea, and from there flown to Istanbul. There and noticed right girl the vizier Ibrahim Pasha, who gave it to Suleiman I.The harem of the Turkish Sultan.It was from that time and will begin its majestic biography. For Anastasia in the harem got the name «Hürrem», which meant «cheerful». And in a very short time from a normal concubine, she will become his beloved wife of Suleiman the Magnificent, who adored her, devoted to their state Affairs and wrote her poems. For mistress, he will do what none of the sultans had ever done before: tie the knot formal marriage with a concubine. For this Queen converts to Islam and becoming chief wife, is about forty years old influential person in the Ottoman Empire.Suleiman I The Magnificent. / Hürrem-Sultan. (1581г.) Author: Melchior Loris.In fairness it should be noted that no one has ever described Roksolana like some very beautiful woman, she possessed an attractive appearance. What, then, charmed Slavic girl Turkish Sultan? Suleiman the Magnificent loved strong-willed, intelligent, sensitive and educated women. But the mind and wisdom, she was not to occupy.This explains the fact that Roksolana was able to fall in love with the young Sultan so easily and to become the mistress of his heart. Moreover, as a highly educated woman, well-versed in art and politics, so Suleiman contrary to all the customs of Islam allowed her to attend the Council on the negotiations of diplomatic ambassadors. By the way, Suleiman the Magnificent was the greatest Sultan of the dynasty of the Ottomans, and under his rule the Empire reached the apogee of its development. Roxelana and Suleiman the Magnificent.Especially for her, the Sultan introduced a new title in his backyard — Haseki. And in 1534, Roxolana became the mistress of the Palace and the main political Advisor to Suleiman. She had to make their own ambassadors, to correspond with the influential politicians of the European States, to do charity work and construction, to protect the masters of art. And when spouses had to be separated for some time, they wrote letters and beautiful poems in Arabic and Persian languages.Suleiman and Hürrem. (1780). Author: German painter Anton Hickel. From roxelana with Suleiman had five children – four sons and a daughter. However, of the sons survived Suleiman the Magnificent, only one – Selim. Two died in the process of bloody struggle for the throne, and the third died in infancy.Over forty years of marriage, Hürrem was virtually impossible. She was proclaimed the first wife and her son Selim became heir to. Was strangled two younger son roksolany. According to some sources it accused of involvement in the killings – allegedly this was done in order to strengthen the position of her beloved son Selim. Although reliable data about this tragedy was never found. But there is evidence that about forty of the Sultan’s sons born to other wives and concubines, in her order was tracked down and killed.La Sultana Rossa. Author: Tiziano Vecellio. The portrait is kept in the Museum of the city of Sarasota (USA, Florida).It is said that even the mother of the Sultan was shaken by those rigid methods, through which conquered the power Roksolana. Biography of this extraordinary woman testifies that she was afraid and outside the Palace. Hundreds of unwanted people quickly died in the hands of the executioners.Roksolana could understand, living in constant fear that at any moment the Sultan could be attracted to a beautiful new concubine, and make her the lawful wife and the old wife to order the execution. The harem was instituted objectionable wife or concubine alive to put in a leather bag with a poisonous snake and an angry cat, and then tied a stone to drop into the waters of the Bosphorus. The guilty thought of happiness if they just quickly strangled with a silk lace. Portrait of Hürrem, stored in the Museum of Topkapi Palace.As time went on, but Roksolana remain for Suleiman: what next – the more he loved her. When she was under 50, the Ambassador from Venice wrote of her: «To his Majesty the Sultan’s favorite wife so much that – say, after he knew her, never wanted to know any women. And didn’t do it yet no one of his predecessors, as the Turks have the custom to change women.»Fortunately, not only cunning and cold calculation glorified Hürrem-Sultan. She managed to do much for the prosperity of Istanbul: he built several mosques, opened a school, organized a home for the mentally retarded, and also opened a free kitchen for the poor, established contacts with many European countries. Suleiman I. On 55 year of life biography the most influential woman breaks. Roksolana was buried with all the honors that they never knew any woman of Islam. After her death, the Sultan until the last days did not even think about other women. Hürrem was to be his one and only true love. After all, it is at the time for her has dissolved his harem.Sultan Suleiman died in 1566, having survived his wife for eight years. Their tombs, and today stand side by side, near the mosque of Suleiman. It should be noted that in the 1000 year history of the Ottoman Empire this honor was awarded to only one woman, roxelana. About 5 centuries wife rest in peace in the next tomb in Istanbul. To the right of the turbe of Suleyman, to the left — Hürrem-Sultan. After the death of Sultan took the throne beloved son of Hürrem Sultan Selim. During his eight-year reign began the decline of the Empire. Contrary to the Quran he loved «to take on his chest», and therefore remained in history under the name of Selim the Drunkard. Fortunately, Roksolana did not survive. Hürrem. Author:Tiziano Vecellio.Life and exaltation roksolany so excited about the creative contemporaries that even the great painter Titian (1490-1576), wrote a famous portrait of sultans. Painting by Titian, painted in 1550-ies, called La Sultana Rossa, that is, the Russian sultanas.One of the possible images Hürrem. Unknown artist. The German artist Melchior Loris was in Turkey in those years when the rules of Suleiman the Magnificent. He wrote the portraits of Suleiman and his courtiers. The likelihood that this portrait of roxelana made on the plate, belongs to the brush of this master is quite likely.Portraits of roksolany in the world there are many, but among researchers there is no consensus on which of these portraits is the most authentic. Roksolana. Author: Ramzi Taskiran.This mysterious woman stirs still the imagination of artists, has reinvented her image.In human history there were other great female ruler, which left a significant mark.
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