Two ballet dancers of the Bolshoi theatre denied a visa in the USA for political reasons, say the organizers

Olga Smirnova – prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre and Yacopi Tissi – first soloist, was unable to obtain a visa to the United States of America. The organizers of the performance, which was to be held with these actors in new York’s «Lincoln center», suggest that the refusal of visas is associated with the political situation.
Jacopo Tissi, and Olga Smirnova was to take part in the presentation, scheduled for April 23. Here only those artists will not be able to participate in the planned action, as the us government decided to deny them the visa. The organizers of the gala concert only attribute this to the fact that the situation between the Russian Federation and the States intensified. In one of the publications noted that the prima ballerina who is very popular in Russia, and therefore the local authorities can retaliate against American artists.
It is noted also that the refusal to issue visas only became known on 18 April, although the decision of the American side was taken on April 10. In most of the US immigration service in his defense said that the artists perform individually, and the documents were served on the group visa. At the same time, the organizers of the performance say that earlier in the same way to apply to performances of other artists, problems with it any did not arise, incidentally, repeatedly in this way was obtained a visa and, for the ballerina, Smirnova.
The organizers say that the situation is of concern because the political situation has already begun to have an impact on the culture, even though during the cold war, such restrictions were not in the ballet and Soviet artists came to performances with the United States of America.
In the Bolshoi theatre not too concerned about this development and suggest that artists just in the US do not have time to issue work visas, and the reason is because calling a possible technical failure.
Relations between Washington and Moscow have deteriorated after Britain’s nerve gas was poisoned Sergei Skripal, a former GRU Colonel, with his daughter. In poisoning it accused the Russian side, which denies everything, telling about involvement in this event.
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