Under what names were published in the foreign distribution of the popular Soviet Comedy

Kidnapping are Caucasian. When the movie is released in a foreign car, the name change often is the well – known fact. But sometimes change so that change the original meaning attached to the name of the creators of the film. Soviet films are no exception. In this review you will learn under what names went in a foreign car the cult Soviet Comedy, filmed Leonida Gaydaya.

«Operation «y» and other Shurik’s adventures»

Shot from a film «Operation Became in the USSR the cult Comedy «Operation «y» and other Shurik’s adventures» in different countries translated about the same – «Operation ‘Y'». The same «Operation Y»Distinguished only by the British and the Swedes, where the film somehow became known as «Operation laughter» («Operation Laughter» and «Operation skratt»). Read more about how was filming the Comedy «Operation «y» and other adventures Shurik» read HERE…

«Dog Mongrel and unusual cross»

Movies Leonid Gaidai enjoyed great popularity not only in the USSR but also abroad. That’s just the name of their Soviet audience, perhaps, very much surprised. So, the film «Dog Mongrel and unusual cross» French distributors turned into «Medor, le chien qui rapporte bien», which translates as «a Dog that performs well the team Aport».

«Caucasian captive»

frame from the Comedy «the Caucasian prisoner»I Wonder happened with titles in another popular gaydaevskih the Comedy «the Caucasian prisoner». In USA the movie called «Kidnapping Caucassian Style», which translates as «Kidnapping Caucasian style or Kidnapping in the Caucasus». The Swedes were not original, releasing on their screens Comedy called «Enlevering på Kaukasiska», about the same title was made and the Finns. «Prisoner of the Caucasus» in Italian.The Germans called the Soviet film «Abduction in the Caucasus» («Entführung im Kaukasus»), the Italians — «the Stolen girl» («Una vergine da rubare»), and the funny thing happened, perhaps the Hungarians — «Bride in a bag» («a Menyasszony zsákban»). Behind the scenes of the film «prisoner of the Caucasus» read HERE…

«Diamond hand»

Frame from the Comedy «the diamond arm».But the film «Diamond hand» in almost all countries translated without changes. One of the foreign posters gaydaevskih Comedy.Originality showed in Italy, where the name of the movie transformed into «Luxury cruise crazy», and in Colombia – «run, Run you will get caught». Read more about how to make legendary Comedy about smugglers, read HERE…

«Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation»

Shot from a film «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation»is Possible in the USA in those years, the movement in time was associated only with one film, so the film based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov was under the title «Ivan Vasilievich: back to the future» («Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future») or «Ivan the terrible: back to the future» («Ivan the Terrible: Back to the Future»). In Finland he remembered the literary source, the title was transferred from peculiar to this country restraint — «Ivan Bulgakov» («Iivana Julma Bulgakov»). It looked like the Hungarian poster.Hungarian distributors original, and the film called «hi! I king John» («Halló, itt Iván cár!»). Though perhaps they were translated from Russian who went to the people the phrase «Very nice! King!».Fans of Russian cinema will be interested to know, as Shurik has a girlfriend, Lida, and looked like chaste Striptease for a rehearsal from Natalia Selezneva.Materials www.imdb.com

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