Urgant has refused to star in the new «Cadets», referring to a specific appearance

Director Svetlana Druzhinina loved the game, Ivan Urgant on film Yolki, and she made him an offer to star in a new film about cadets. That’s just a showman, decided to abandon such proposals.
Urgant Druzhinin invited to participate in the program «Smak», in which she noted that Ivan is not only suitable for the «Trees», he can play in the other movies. Also during this cooking show, she said she will be glad to see him among the actors in the new «Cadets». She noted that Urgant sure to pick an interesting character.
Such a proposal is attractive enough and for a time Ivan thought about it, then decided to refuse to participate in the filming of this movie. His refusal, he argued that his appearance and the growth will not match the historical characters, but because in this movie he will look ridiculous. However, he noted that he was pleased to take part in the modern project Druzhinina.
The fourth film «Cadets» was planning on starting to shoot in the fall of 2016, but work was never started, because this project was not funded by the state. Now Druzhinin decided to again raise this question to understand why the film Foundation decided to refuse.
The new draft of the film was submitted to the film Fund four years ago and the script next to the «Cadets» found it very interesting. The Director even managed to obtain funds for the preparatory work to five million. Funds are used exclusively for the purpose, and made a report. The shooting required the sum of 60 million rubles. Druzhinin noted that the scenario of the film will be shown a naval battle, for which the required ships and ground battle with the use of horses. And at this stage was the refusal to provide money for shooting. The reasons for this failure are not explained, and the decision was made by secret ballot.The Director is confident that many members of the Board of Trustees were willing to give the required amount for a shoot. That’s just one of them decided that this picture will not become a movie, and persuaded all to vote against funding this project.
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