Voltaire and his divine Emilia: 15 years of «Paradise on earth» with the sweetheart and Muse

Emilia du Chatelet and Voltaire.French writer and philosopher Voltaire’s contemporaries considered a genius. The thoughts listened aristocrats and kings, and written literary works had a great success. Intelligence and talent is certainly important, but Voltaire would not have made a brilliant career, did not appear in his way the Marquis du Chatelet. This woman became the writer’s Muse, a lover, a lightning rod. She restrained the impulses excessively ardent Voltaire directing his energy in the right direction.The French philosopher Voltaire (Nast. the name Francois Marie Arouet). | Photo: liveinternet.EN.Early literary work of Voltaire was quite successful. Written of the tragedy was favorably perceived by society. But satirical verses against high-ranking officials have led not to the extent of the ardent writer behind bars. Later Voltaire again, he was imprisoned for the same reason. Freedom of thought is not given to the writer and philosopher to live in peace. For remarks about the mighty of this world Voltaire had to flee from the police.Emilia Marchioness du Chatelet. | Photo: liveinternet.ru. In 1733, he fled to Lorraine, to «sit» until tempers cool. But one night, when Voltaire walked a short distance from the house, on his way any men with sticks. It certainly would be beaten, but in that moment, out of the darkness appeared a woman on horseback. Detractors disappeared. The lady introduced herself the Marquise du Chatelet. She suggested the wondering Voltaire to follow her to the castle of Cirey. Voltaire lived in the castle from the Marchioness, he fell in love with her, he called his Muse, dedicated work. Emilia du Chatelet loved him. Voltaire did not know that in exchange for his freedom, promised the Marquis to the Minister, the Keeper of the Royal seal, what Voltaire never publish anything compromising the power. The Castle Of Cirey. | Photo: upload.wikimedia.org.Emilia du châtelet was a very educated woman. She studied natural Sciences, engaged in translation of scientific papers, and among his contemporaries was known as a great originally. The Marquis was married, but it didn’t prevent her to have lovers. In the time of Louis XV such manners were the norm. At the time of the first meeting with Voltaire, the Marquise was 27 years old, and the writer – 39. Taken care of awnings in the castle of Cirey, Voltaire wrote a significant part of their works. He loved her and loved everything she was due. If earlier the writer showed no interest in music, singing Emilia brought him much delight. He was proud when he learned that the mathematics of the awning printed in authoritative editions. Voltaire and the Marquise du Chatelet Emilia. | Photo: radikal.EN.The Marquis answered him in return: she was listening to the philosophical arguments of Voltaire, with whom he discussed the historical treatises. However, it should be noted that Emilia du châtelet kept a cool mind. She had kept the promise given to the Keeper of the seals. No work of Voltaire, which could somehow cause irritation to the government, not published. But this does not mean that those works were not. Thanks to the foresight of the awning, to have survived many works of the philosopher, who at that time could compromise. Moreover, in 1746 Voltaire was granted a noble title and the place of historiographer to the Royal court.Emilia Marchioness du Chatelet. | Photo: turkaramamotoru.com.15 years after Voltaire had settled in the castle of Cirey, he found out that Muse was cheating on him with a young military and a mediocre poet, Marquis of Saint-Lambert. The philosopher found out about the infidelity of a Marquise by chance. One day he came into her chambers unannounced and saw a young man on her bed. In the heat of anger, Voltaire ran out of the bedroom and went to pack. Emily caught up with an emotional writer and used all of her feminine charms to keep him. In the end, the Marquis said: «Recognize that now you are able to proceed we set the mode without compromising your health. So is it worth to be angry at what one young officer decided to help you?» 54-year-old Voltaire could not fail to recognize that in the «bed Department», no doubt, he loses 30-year-old opponent. Resigned to this, the writer the next day advised Saint-Lambert on the love habits of the awning. On the situation of Voltaire was expressed so: «I replaced Richelieu, Saint-Lambert has thrown me, — admitted Voltaire. Is the natural course of events… the way it goes in this world.»Voltaire — French writer and philosopher. | Photo: colors.life.Some time later, the Marquise du châtelet is pregnant. Voltaire helped to convince her husband that the child from him. Emilia was worried she wouldn’t survive childbirth because of their age, but they were swiftly and easily. Unfortunately the Marquis died on the third day postpartum fever. Baby slightly experienced mother.Emilia Marchioness du Chatelet. | Photo: qadin.net.For Voltaire, the death of a friend, lover and Muse was a severe blow. He rushed through the castle, wrote desperate letters to friends in which he threatened to take his own life by poisoning himself, or to leave the monastery. In the letter to the king of Prussia the philosopher suffered: «I was present at the death of a friend, whom I loved for many happy years. This terrible death has poisoned my life forever… We are still in Cirey. I can’t leave the house, consecrated by her presence I melt in tears… I don’t know that I would, I lost half of myself, my soul was lost, which for me was created.»After the death of his beloved Voltaire lived for another 29 years. Time spent with Emily, the philosopher called «heaven on earth».Voltaire often repeated, that if his life never met the Marquis, then he probably would have graduated from his days in the Bastille — one of the worst prisons in the world.
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