Warner Bros. acquired the rights to the film adaptation of «Dungeons and dragons»

Warner Bros. finally dropped in a legal battle over rights to create a film adaptation of the Board game «Dungeons and dragons» (Dungeons & Dragons). This became known from the message edition of The Hollywood Reporter. The litigation about the rights to the adaptation of D&D began in 2013 and lasted until today. The main defendants in the case were production company Sweetpea and Warner Bros. The latter, according to the materials of the case bought the rights to D&D in Sweetpea for 5 million dollars. The company has bought the film rights to the universe is only 15 thousand dollars in the late 90-ies of XX century.
It is curious that Hasbro – the Creator of the Board game, claimed that rights license to screen from Sweetpea has long expired. It happened, supposedly after 2000, when the car was released disastrous film «Dungeons and dragons». Then, to preserve the rights of Sweetpea directed two TV movies, but Hasbro did not share the view of former partners and hoped for cooperation in the field of film adaptation from Universal Pictures.
The agreement between the three companies was finally reached, resulting in Warner Bros. will be able to start work on a new tape. The script was written in 2013. It is known that ekraniziruetsya will be one of the most famous campaign setting D&D Forgotten Realms. The producer of the film will be Roy Lee, and the screenplay was written by David Leslie Johnson. According to preliminary data the name of the movie will sound like: «wrath of the titans».
The movie «Dungeons and dragons» was released in 2000 and proved to be absolutely disastrous. With a budget of 45 million dollars, the film grossed only $ 33m. The film is also an adaptation in the framework of the campaign setting Forgotten Realms.

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