What a wonderful world: Photographs submitted to the international competition travelers

The first pictures of the participants of the photo contest Travel Photographer of the Year 2018.Launched the international competition Travel Photographer of the Year 2018, which send your photos photographers from around the world. This competition is a unique opportunity to tell a story about different parts of our planet and the exciting travels that inspire other people to explore our world. The competition has already received the first pictures you can see them in this review.

1. Rainbow over the deepest canyon of the world (USA)

The author of the picture «Grand Canyon after the rain» — American photographer the Joker Naresh (Naresh Balaguru).

2. Early morning over the geysers Sol de Mañana (Bolivia)

The author of the picture «Early Earth» — photographer king Anthony Tang Ho (King Ho Antony Tang) from Hong Kong.

3. Sunrise in the National Park «Maasai Mara» (Kenya)

The author of the picture «Silhouette of a rhinoceros» — photographer high Coin SIM (Sim Khai Chuin) from Malaysia.

4. Herd of bulls Mundari tribe (South Sudan)

The author of the picture «Tamam» is a Chinese photographer, Passarini Mattia (Mattia Passarini).

5. The shepherd for the camel fair (India)

The author of the picture «My camel is my shield» — the Indian photographer under the pseudonym Sabbyy Sg.

6. Lava flows into the sea after the eruption of the volcano (Bolivia)

The author of the picture «Flowing lava» — a Japanese photographer Tetsuya Nomura (Tetsuya Nomura).

7. Sisters vacationing on the stairs inside the house (India)

The author of the image «Sisters» photographer Hajri Firdaus (Firdaus Hadzri) from Malaysia.

8. Cherry blossoms lit at night in Nakameguro (Japan)

The author of the picture «cherry blossoms» is a Japanese photographer Hiroki Inoue (Inoue Hiroki).

9. The city of Teotihuacan, dedicated to the Sun God (Mexico)

The author of the picture «Geometry of the Sun» is an Italian photographer Enrico Pescantina (Enrico Pescantini).

10. The shepherds and flock of sheep on the pass Rupina

The author of the picture «Shepherd and the wolf» — Indian photographer Thakur Nitish (Nitish Thakur).

11. Abandoned boats from the dry river (Bangladesh)

The author of the picture «Dry the river Jamuna» photographer Tanveer Hassan Rohan (Tanveer Hassan Rohan) from Bangladesh.

12. Early morning in the streets (Japan)

The author of the picture «the First tram in the street» — a Japanese photographer Hideyuki Katagiri (Hideyuki Katagiri).

13. The horses on the colourful street of Granada (Nicaragua)

The author of the image «Horse-drawn carriage» — canadian photographer Tracy Finkle (Finkle Tracey).And more beauty — 15 of the best works of the annual photo contest National Geographic, dedicated to wildlife .

According to the materials: mymodernmet.com

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