When the dream came true: the Pianist makes contemporary girls luxurious heroines of fantasy

Elysse. Author: Lillian Liu.While some sit idly by while others complain that someone simply got lucky in this life, photographer Lillian Liu (Lillian Liu) by trial and error embodies your dreams into reality, combining two completely different environments – daily life and fiction. Inspired by fantasies, ideas and dreams, it creates a breathtaking image, so similar to the excerpts from the film and book pages. Character of her work – girls, to try on the different looks from sweet shy beauties to the insidious seductive of serdtseeda.Lillian — honored pianist who has performed on the big stage in North America and Europe from the modernist performing arts Center in Vancouver to the concert hall, Amaryllis Fleming in London. A talented person is talented in everything. The idea to make the dream come true, Liu for several years was to set goals, follow dreams. Making mistakes, experimenting and not stopping halfway, she learned how to process photos so that they looked like illustrations from fantasy books. But also on the results achieved, the girl is not going to stop. Recourse to models, stylists and designers, it, investing energy and soul, gives not only the participants and the audience an unforgettable experience and emotions.Linda. Author: Lillian Liu.Claudia. Author: Lillian Liu.«Chelsea Wolfe». Author: Lillian Liu.The patron of war. Author: Lillian Liu.Bard. Author: Lillian Liu.Grief and silence. Author: Lillian Liu.Fire Fox. Author: Lillian Liu.Winter wedding. Author: Lillian Liu.Beautiful. Author: Lillian Liu.Mahafsoun. Author: Lillian Liu.Winged victory II. Author: Lillian Liu.A great return. Author: Lillian Liu.Labyrinth, anyone? Author: Lillian Liu.Purification by fire. Author: Lillian Liu.Moonbeam II. Author: Lillian Liu.Scents of twilight garden. Author: Lillian Liu.I feel you when it rains.A love that bleeds in my throat. Author: Lillian Liu.The guardian dragon. Author: Lillian Liu.A beautiful fairy tale. Author: Lillian Liu.Tainstvennyy female image. Author: Lillian Liu.Tenderness. Author: Lillian Liu.Crystal. Author: Lillian Liu.On guard. Author: Lillian Liu.Polish photographer Katarzyna Niwinska with their work invites the viewer on a fascinating journey to the land of dreamswhere life is not only a fairy tale, and magical images of mysterious women dressed in luxurious costumes. In other matters, the work of Laura Sheridan also appeal to those who are close to surrealist themes and phantasmagoric world.According to the website boredpanda.com
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