Winter war: Photographs by war correspondents, made during the participation of Finland in the Second world

The participation of Finland in the Second world war. The war in Finland became one of the most serious challenges to the Soviet Union. It was a difficult time full of hardships and mistakes. Photos made in those days allow us to remember and contemplate with fresh eyes, how it all happened.

1. The use of a flamethrower

The use of a flamethrower during fighting in the woods, July 1, 1942.

2. Flight above Jämijärvi

Air battle above Jämijärvi, on July 17, 1942.

3. Snowmobile with a propeller and a swastika

Screw the snowmobile. Finland, Haarlem, 1 July 1942.

4. In anticipation of enemy aircraft

The use of binoculars and a huge acoustic locator for tracking approaching aircraft.

5. Finnish soldiers

Finnish soldiers in Mikkeli. Finland, on 4 September 1941.

6. Finnish tank

Finnish tank crew, 8 July 1941.

7. The complex of measures for orderly removal of the population

The evacuation of the civilian population, July 1, 1941.

8. Adolf Hitler in Finland

The visit of Adolf Hitler to Finland in June 1942.

9. The beginning of the Winter war

The bombing of Helsinki by Soviet planes on 30 November 1939.

10. Wounded in Helsinki

Wounded that are evacuated from a building damaged by aerial bombing.

11. The Bombing Of Helsinki

The main building of the University of Helsinki at the Senate square, which burned during the night.

12. Flames

Street scene after the bombing of the city.

13. Finnish anti-aircraft gunners

Anti-aircraft gun in Helsinki.

14. Ruined house after the bombing

The wreckage of the building in Vyborg.

15. Finnish armored train

Armored rail stock.

16. Shooting Russian patrol

Shooting at a Russian watchtower near Koitsanlahti.

17. Military school dogs hämeenlinna

Training military dogs in Hameenlinna.

18. The launch of the forest

A rocket launched from the forest.

19. Street fighting

Street fighting in Medvezhyegorsk.

20. Russian soldiers died in battle

Died in battle soldiers, 1 February 1940.

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