Xiaomi smartphone vs camera: will do beautiful photos

Having in his pocket a smartphone Xiaomi, many refuse to purchase the camera. To use the smartphone very convenient as the camera it turns on instantly, it always is, as they say at hand and many models allow you to do quite good pictures, which, by the way, just to share, posting on a social network page. A large selection of modern smartphones offers official site Xiaomi in Russia. But in spite of all such advantages of the smartphone, the company has not ceased to produce cameras that are still in demand.
Professional photographers will never give up using the camera the eminent manufacturer and will not use the camera built into the smartphone, as if colorful this camera is not painted by the manufacturer and users. And many people who just want to get quality shots, still prefer to use an ordinary camera. Experts called several reasons why a smartphone with a camera can not replace a camera.
The quality of pictures depends not only on pixels, which usually boast manufacturers. An important indicator is the size of the matrix: the larger the size, the better will be images. For normal SLR size it does not matter, since the body is large inside and can accommodate a lot of interesting things, but the smartphone whose thickness is continuously trying to reduce, can no longer afford to use a matrix of any size.
When creating smartphone manufacturers use cheaper lenses, which at all desire of the photographer will not allow you to make high quality pictures because of its primitiveness. The camera and smartphone for the device largely meets the processor. Mobile phones can be installed the most modern, multi-core processors with high frequency, but they still can not work, as the processor of the camera. The thing is that the smartphone processor has to deal constantly with the solution of a large number of tasks, thereby wasting its power, while the camera is a device exclusively programmed to create images.
A significant drawback of the smartphone is the difficulty shooting in bright sunlight, as on the screen of the device very difficult to see shoot the picture. With a quality SLR camera such problems do not arise. Another drawback of the smartphone – a weak battery that is significantly losing charge while shooting. Even if you use the smartphone of a famous brand Xiaomi with the battery of increased capacity, with the pictures they drain quickly and the user can suddenly.
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